Ways to Relax and Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Ways to Relax and Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Sleep is one of the most vital elements of our lives that we tend to ignore. You might push it aside if you’re working on a big project or taking care of the kids, but everyone needs their fix. Knowing the ways to relax and improve your sleeping habits can help you get some quality shut-eye.

Get Your Mind Right


With all the thoughts racing through your head from another stressful day, it may be a challenge to ease your mind before your head hits the pillow. One of the best strategies to silence all the noise is to practice meditation.

Mindfulness meditation lets you be in the moment, preventing your mind from going elsewhere. Body scan meditation is beneficial if your body is in pain, as it relaxes achy joints before you close your eyes. If you need something to push you along, guided meditation provides a calming atmosphere for escaping reality. Music and natural sound help lead you into a serene headspace.

Breath In, Breath Out

Deep-Breathing Techniques

The cousin of meditation is the deep breathing technique. This exercise helps you take rhythmic, deep breaths that calm your entire body. You can elect to follow a coordinated approach like lion’s breath or freestyle it.

Inhaling slowly, put your hand on your stomach. Once your stomach rises, keep that breath before you exhale gradually. So, next time your smartwatch tells you to breathe, you will know what to do.

Don’t Drink and Sleep

Limit Alcohol Consumption

It may be nice to unwind from a hectic day with a glass of wine. But one glass mustn’t turn into half a bottle. Excessive alcohol use doesn’t allow you to sleep soundly since your body will be rebounding from its effects, so it’s crucial to limit the intake to achieve REM sleep.

Soak In the Benefits

Take a Soothing Bath

A warm bath, especially if it’s paired with relaxing essential oils, does wonders for your mental and physical health. Instead of popping the cork on a bottle, you can plug your bathtub for a long, soothing bath. Plus, your body temperature decreases from the bath, causing you to fall into a deep sleep faster.

Gather Your Thoughts


Sometimes, you need to vent and express your feelings. However, if you are up and alone with your thoughts, you need to find another outlet. Journaling helps relieve your anxiety and lingering thoughts. Putting things on paper allows you to form rational opinions and perspectives once your mind isn’t racing at 100 miles per hour.

Get Some Assistance

Invest in Sleeping Equipment

If you have trouble sleeping due to a condition like sleep apnea, it’s in your best interest to purchase sleeping equipment. Specifically, falling asleep naturally can be a problem when you have sleep apnea. Aids like pillows and humidifiers ensure you get a great night’s sleep that can improve your mood and productivity. Other sleeping disorders may require different equipment, but don’t be afraid to try something if you know it will help you get adequate sleep.

Know ways to relax and improve your sleeping habits—you don’t need to ingest any pills or take any medication to turn the lights out. These healthy, effective ways put you on the right path to counting sheep.

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1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more with your recommendation to take a relaxing bath. I absolutely love a bath using Wildfire’s Original pleasure oil. It has the most beautiful scent and the aroma of lavender and sandalwood really help me to relax and unwind after a stressful day. And sometimes I’m extra spoilt, when my partner indulges me a relaxing massage with the same oil! 🙂

Happy Hiller
1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this! But it seems like you didn’t mention anything about the temperature. Although it impacts the sleep quality, as well. In a cold room, the body temperature decreases, which leads to increased production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. All you need is to set the temperature lower in your bedroom. The ideal temperature is 65 degrees.

1 year ago

By the way, swimming can also help you sleep well. It relieves stress and makes you relax. But you shouldn’t swim right before going to bed. It’s better to do this a few hours before. Great thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing such helpful content!
By the way, clean, fresh air in your bedroom also helps you fall asleep faster and sleep well. Here are some things you can do to improve the air quality in your bedroom:
1. Ventilate the room 5 minutes before bedtime.
2. Add some indoor plants (they are natural air purifiers). But make sure you are not allergic to them.
3. If you have an air conditioner in your bedroom, clean its filters regularly. Dirty filters are often the cause of poor indoor air quality.

1 year ago
Reply to  Polestar

That’s a good point! As well as air conditioner filters, you should clean air ducts regularly. Pros recommend doing it at least once every year. Dirty air ducts will make the air in your home polluted and musty.