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11 Ways for Moms to Get More Sleep

11 Ways for Moms to Get More Sleep

New babies bring so much joy to our lives. Their smell, their soft skin, beautiful eyes and adorable coos… There’s nothing like becoming a parent and looking into your little ones eyes. Having a child changes your life, definitely for the better. But, let’s face it, they can be a lot of work too. especially for new Moms who are still trying to figure things out.

Newborns tend to have a schedule of their own when they enter the world. They sleep when they need to and eat when they need to and sometimes their natural schedules collide with our busy adult schedules. And when this happens getting enough rest just to juggle it all can be very challenging.

Sleep is very important. It’s quite impossible to do everything you have to do on no sleep. So we’ve put together a few ideas that might help.

Here are 11 Ways for Moms to Get More Sleep

Ask for Help Around the Home

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It’s so important to ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. The stress of trying to “do it all” will also wear you down. And, when there is stress, your health will take a tumble. Ask for help with the house chores. One or five jobs being done by someone else will make a world of difference!

Eat Healthy

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Eating healthy is crucial to not only feeling well and keeping your weight under control but it’s also important when it comes to getting a solid night’s sleep. In between getting up for feedings and diaper changes, the last thing you need is a stomach ache or feeling bloated and gassy during the night because of those chili cheese fries you ate at 11pm.

Don’t Let Family or Guests Pressure You for Visits

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Yes, everyone wants to come see the baby. And they will! It’s so enjoyable to share your little ones with grandparents and the ones you love but make sure you do it on your own schedule. When they call to ask to come over, give them a day and time you’ll be comfortable with. This will give you time and rest up before company comes over.

Let Baby Sleep in a Bassinet Next to Your Bed

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This is such a nice idea for parents who aren’t ready to give their baby their own room yet. Have the baby sleep safely in his/her own bassinet next to the bed. While your baby sleeps, be sure to lay down and sleep too! And, if you have to check on your baby once in a while you can do so without getting up and walking to the other room because your little angel will be right there next to you.

Create a Bedtime and Naptime Routine and Stick to It

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This is so helpful! Creating a bedtime and a naptime at the same time every day and night really helps not only the child but allows you to prioritize your needs and responsibilities too!

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Housework and chores are never going to go away so don’t let the chores keep you from resting. Your main priority is to take care of the baby right? So take care of the baby when you’re awake and sleep when your baby sleeps. When your child is resting, it’s obviously the quietest time to rest yourself. Take advantage of the peace and quiet and lay down for a few minutes of shut eye yourself.

Avoid Alcohol

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Avoid drinking excessive alcohol. This is a rule that always applies but especially at bed time. Alcohol is a diuretic so drinking too much before you go to bed can lead to several trips to the bathroom throughout the night when you should be sleeping. A second reason is because you could suffer from rebound waking as your body bounces back from the depressent effects of the alcohol. Rebound waking usually happens during important REM sleep. Therefore, you’ll never get the REM sleep your body needs.

Sleep In a Dark Room

Believe it or not the absence of light sends signals to your body that it is time to rest. Light exposure also inhibits the natural timed rise of melatonin. So, sleeping in the dark is important if you need a good nap or a full night’s sleep. Give yourself the gift of a dark room when it’s time to lay down.

Invite a Family Member to Help

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Remember earlier, I said your chores will always be there? Well, it’s true and if anyone knows the stress of house chores and having to take care of the kids at the same time, it’s a parent! If your house chores are overwhelming you and you can’t seem to get them done because you’re too busy feeding, changing diapers, rocking the baby, chasing toddlers, and going to doctor follow up appointments, ask a family member outside of the home to come and help for a few days.

Your family member will love the time with your new baby and will even enjoy paying a few games with your other kids while you get some rest. And, you’ll love it too. You’ll feel supported, will have time to rest and have time to get a few things done. Whichever you choose. The two or three of you can share the responsibilities together. That already sounds better doesn’t it?

Prioritize Chores and Responsibilities

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Prioritizing chores and responsibilities can help relieve stress when there is so much to do and you feel there is so little time in the day to get it all done. Stressing over it all will exhaust you even more and that’s what you want to avoid. Make a schedule for yourself and decide which things can wait and which things need to be done asap. For example, showering, washing bottles, making bottles and doing the laundry can certainly fill your morning. Washing your home’s windows though can probably wait until tomorrow.

Avoid Caffeine in the Afternoons and Evenings

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Drinking caffeine too close to bedtime will keep you awake. Here’s the deets. Adenosine is a sleep-promoting chemical that is produced in the brain while we are awake and continues to build up in the brain the longer we’re awake. The more it builds up, the more tired we feel. When caffeine blocks this process, we remain alert and vibrant.

Are you already doing these? Is there something you’re doing that is not on the list? Please share. We would love to hear from you!

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