FatCat PowerBar 4200 Review & Giveaway


Charge Almost Anything with FatCat

Charge almost anything, anywhere! The FatCat PowerBar 4200 is one super charged little gadget. The PowerBar has a 4200 mAh lithium polymer battery, which gives you more than twice the battery power of most smart phones. If you’re a busy person, and who isn’t, then this little charger is going to come in handy all of the time. I use my iPhone constantly throughout the day, so I often find my battery drained. I must be reachable at all times since I have kids in school, so staying charged up is a necessity for me and the PowerBar 4200 is a lifesaver. This gadget isn’t just for smart phones, it works with cell phones, gaming devices, MP3 players, PDAs, GPSs and more.

This charging device is small and lightweight, about the size of a smartphone but even lighter. It comes with a cord and virtually every attachment you may need for charging your gadgets. I use my FatCat to charge Apple products but this charger is compatible with a wide range of products, a virtual one stop solution. Simply stash it away in it’s little pouch, toss in your purse, laptop case, or backpack and you will never have to worry about having a dead battery again. No more running to your car to plug in your phone or waiting for a charge while you’re on the run!

I give this product four stars for ease of use and convenience. Just charge it and stash it away for a little peace of mind. Let the kids charge up their iPod (you can use it while it’s charging) when you’re stuck somewhere with NOTHING to do. Oh, and it comes in lots of fun colors too!

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win one now! Want to get your own FatCat? The PowerBar 4200 is available here for $69.95: https://www.fatcatgear.com/fatcat-4200/.

Pack Includes:

FatCat 4200
Master cord with two female connectors
Travel case
Tips for all popular cell-phones, smart-phones, MP3s, PDAs, PSP, etc.

FatCat PowerBar 4200
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Written by Erica Mueller

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