How to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe

How to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe

How many times did you walk in your closet and have no idea what to wear? How many times have you looked at your clothes and have a hard time finding something that you really like? Are you overall unhappy with your wardrobe? If you’ve answered yes, Not a problem at all! Let’s talk about some strategies.

Here you will find six of the key principles of fashion I share with my clients.

1.Be Selective – You must LOVE 100% every piece in your wardrobe! Every time you walk in your closet you must be excited! Statistically, women wear only 20% of their clothes because most likely they don’t like what they see! Be wiser when you walk in a store or boutique. Regardless of what the salesperson says, you need to feel AMAZING in your new clothes! Don’t compromise. You will save money and time, trust me! 

2. Quality Over Quantity – If you buy clothes by impulse if you toss clothes at the end of the season either because you don’t like them anymore or because they had fallen apart… STOP NOW! You are wasting money, time, and contributing to the world pollution issue. That’s what we call “Fast Fashion”.

In order to put together a high-quality closet, you don’t need to have an unlimited budget. You just need to create your style, discover the most flattering cuts and colors for your body type and learn how to be selective while you shop. 

But I know reality is different! Sometimes we need some practical clothes for “special” occasions like painting the house or cleaning the garage. After your complete those type of operations, you need to make those clothes disappear somewhere in the closet! I see many people looking at their pile of old and comfy clothes around and they think it’s ok to wear them around the house or to run to the store! Absolutely NOOOOOOO!!!!

3. Fashion Trends – Let’s talk about it! One of the biggest issues that I see among clients is the need to “follow the trend”. In reality, we need to realize that fashion is a form of art, which means it reflects our society, cultural shift, social movements, political views, etc. 
So we must look at fashion as a form of inspiration, as an art that brings joy and new ideas. Then we need to decide what we like about it, and what fits our taste, body type, lifestyle, etc. What I recommend to my clients is to find their own style. Labels like “classic” or “punk” are a good way to start your journey, but in the end, you need to create your own brand, your own signature style. 

4. Start with the Essentials – Even though in the previous point I wrote about “signature style”, essential pieces are still a great way to start building your perfect wardrobe. For a quick solution, a prompt outfit, the essentials always work. Then you can add your own touch and create your own look. For example, I can start with two basics, like a pair of bootcut jeans and a white t-shirt. Then in my case, I would add a statement necklace and a pair of colorful heels. In your case, It could be a bomber jacket and a pair of sneakers….thats when you can be creative and wear what makes you smile.

5. Find a Good Tailor – Often women believe that their bodies have to fit perfectly store-bought clothes. I have some news for you! It doesn’t work in that way! We all have beautiful and unique bodies and many times we need to make adjustments to clothes that are made for a standard body. So no shame if we need to alter a dress or buy a bigger size.  

6. Take Your Time! It takes time to create a perfect wardrobe! Time and patience. The more you learn about yourself, your body type, skin tone, and easier it becomes to dress properly. 

Bonus tip: If you still don’t know how to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, call me or DM me.

You always need to walk out of your home feeling good!!

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