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How To Get Your Baby Ready for Their First Vacation

How To Get Your Baby Ready for Their First Vacation

Traveling with a baby is never easy. The schedule you’ve created for bedtime, eating, and play may shift a bit. And when you go on a trip, you’ll need to decide what’s essential and what to leave at home. However, when you know how to get your baby ready for their first vacation, some of the stress will melt away. Prepare yourself for your baby’s first trip by having a plan, knowing what to pack, and keeping your baby comfortable.

Have a Plan

You and your travel companions need to make a plan. If this is a road trip, establish estimates for how often you’ll stop. And as you narrow down your destination options, pick a place with fun activities for travelers of all ages! Making this decision early on helps you create a schedule and set a logical budget.

If you’re traveling by plane, give yourself more than enough time to get through security with ease. It’s always a good idea to check in at home and keep the necessary paperwork ready. Most travelers give themselves two hours of leeway, and since this is your first trip with the baby, a little extra time is never a bad idea. Spending a little extra time at the gate is always better than feeling rushed!

Pack Like a Pro

Overpacking can create as much stress as under-packing, so choose each item carefully. And as you pack, think about how you’re traveling. If you’re traveling by car, you can take more than if you’re going by plane. Regardless, bring various ways to entertain your infant. A couple of things you’ll want to make sure you pack include:

  • Your baby’s favorite toys
  • A picture book or two
  • A blanket

Also, keep the weather in mind as you pack. For example, you want heavier clothing and blankets in the winter, but in the summer, the opposite is true—organic linen is perfect for summer. And of course, bring the essentials like snacks, a pacifier, diapers, and toiletries. When you have everything you need to keep you and your bundle of joy comfortable, you’ll both be happy!

Keep Your Baby Comfortable

It may be helpful to write things out or make a list. Remember, schedules are important, especially to young children. Since this is your baby’s first trip, they may feel frustrated, confused, or even scared by all the changes. Do your best to keep feeding, naps, and bedtime similar to what it would be at home. A routine keeps your baby comfortable and provides stability.

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