LensCrafters Offers Cutting Edge Digital Eye Exam at Novi Location

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The future of healthy eye care can be found right now at the LensCrafters location inside the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan just outside of Detroit.  It’s called AccuExam and it bears very little resemblance to the traditional manual eye exam that you have experienced in the past. AccuExam features state-of-the-art technology in a personalized approach that provides a complete digital experience.

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I visited the store for my annual eye exam this week. Not only did I have fun, but I was amazed at the level of technology. But before I get to that, let me just tell you that the new store design is beautiful!  From the gorgeous chandelier that looked like stars falling from the sky, to the soothing grey tones and wood accents – I felt like I had walked into a spa.

While I definitely appreciate beautiful surroundings and a fantastic assortment of frame options, my main priority was to get the best eye exam available. AccuExam uses some of the most advanced technology by individually scanning your eyes and mapping the eye and cornea so that on-site doctors have the most complete, detailed and precise information available to diagnose any vision problems.

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My AccuExam included visits to different diagnostic stations which quickly and painlessly scanned my eyes, corneas and retinas. The data was shared with me during my consultation with Dr. Easter. I was able to see big, bright, and detailed pictures of my eyes – they were unbelievably clear. We discussed the health of my eyes and she also gave me some tips on how to take better care of my eyes. Lastly, she performed a digital side-by-side comparison of my new prescription using the Phoropter. This digital technology creates a comparison which significantly cuts down on the “1 or 2 – which one is better” conversation you always have at a traditional eye exam.

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Once the consultation was complete, it was time to select my frames.  The selection process included using technology to help me narrow down my search based on personal preferences, lifestyle and physical attributes. To narrow down my choices, I used the “myLook” app. This allowed me to compare pictures of myself wearing various frames.  

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New frames in hand I headed to the AccuFit salon near the back of the store for a semi-private digital fitting – which involves placing a scanner bar on the frame I chose and then taking a picture of me wearing them(that’s me on the computer screen above).  All adjustments were done on the computer. 

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Remember my main priority that I mentioned earlier – was to get the best eye exam available. Mission accomplished! When I left LensCrafters I was so pleased. I could see perfectly and my frames were comfortable. The AccuExam was easy, convenient and precise. The base price for an eye exam is $59, which is very reasonable for such a comprehensive exam.  

During my visit I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director and Vice President of LensCrafters. He explained that LensCrafters’ goal was to improve the eye exam process by removing the things that made people hesitant about scheduling their exam and to develop a more comfortable and precise method of examining eye health. Education also plays a huge role — the greater understanding you have of your eyes and how to care for them, the better your eye health will be. AccuExam and AccuFit are both exclusive to LensCrafters and available at the Novi location.

Here are a few other quick facts from Dr. Mark Jacquot:

  • The Novi store in Twelve Oaks Mall is the first location to feature the new global store design.
  • LensCrafters is in growth mode and will open 50 new locations next year.
  • Soon you will be able to find a LensCrafters inside Macy’s department stores.

Lastly, I was pleased to find out that LensCrafters has a wonderful platform for sharing the gift of sight by supporting OneSight, a nonprofit organization that provides quality vision care to underserved communities world wide.  The event is called OneDay, held annually at LensCrafters stores nationwide since 1988. This year, the Novi LensCrafters invited Detroit area students from disadvantaged communities to come in and receive free AccuExams and any necessary prescription eye glasses. What a fantastic and generous program!

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