10 Beauty & Anti-Aging Tips for Taking Care of YOU

10 Beauty & Anti-Aging Tips for Taking Care of YOU! Self Care is Not Selfish… It is a Necessity

As busy moms, we all know we have to take care of everyone else (husbands, kids, pets, aging parents, etc.) before ourselves. I don’t even really have to mention all the added responsibilities we’ve all had to add to our already full plates this last year, with having to become homeschooling moms, creative entertainment directors, boredom squashers, and so much more!

But, it comes to a point where you realize your needs matter too. I recently learned this the hard way. My sweet mom has dementia, and I moved her in with us. I became her 24/7 caregiver for eight years. I was honored I was able to care for her with the love & dignity she deserved. Here I was, caring for my husband, young daughter, mom, and a house full of rescue doggies & kitties while working on my growing skincare business from home. You know about survival mode, right? There are times you do what you have to do every day to get by. I didn’t make time for myself & my needs at all. As women, we think we’re superwomen because we feel we can do it all. We are superwomen! But, we have to take care of ourselves too. It’s all well and good until our busy lives start to affect our health & sanity & you hit that wall.

There finally came a time where I was tired. And, I looked tired. I hit that wall & it started to affect my health. My doctor gave me a stern warning that I had to make a change. “You have to start caring for YOU too,” he said. I probably would have kept on the same hamster wheel if I hadn’t been forced to slow down. But I’m so thankful I realized that I have to start taking care of myself too! I deserve it. Anyone out there been there?

Well, you deserve it too! We all do. So, I put together 10 beauty & anti-aging tips for taking care of YOU because you too deserve it! It’s not selfish. It is self-compassion & a life necessity.

10 Beauty & Anti-Aging Tips for Taking Care of YOU

  1. Be Strong – Do not feel guilty for taking time out for yourself.
  2. Sleep – Get 7-8 hours of sleep. Yes, I know that can be a challenge especially if you have young kids. If you can’t get 7-8 hours, nap when they nap! We’ve all heard that, but we always find 1000 other things to do. Those things can wait! Even if you just close your eyes for 15 minutes, it can make all the difference. Sleep is so important for our health.
  3. Drink lots of water! It’s good for you and your skin.
  4. Exercise – Even if it’s just getting outside in the fresh air for a nice walk around your neighborhood. Make a commitment to yourself to walk at least 20 mins every day with or without your kids or pets.
  5. Use Skincare – Be diligent with your skincare routine morning & night. Make sure you’re using the right products, with the right ingredients and in the right order. You will feel so much better keeping up with this and your skin will look better too. It should only take you approx 2 minutes to do. Make sure you use products formulated for your skin dedicated to what you want to achieve. Remember, one product cannot do it all.
  6. Wear Sunscreen – When outside, be sure to always wear sunscreen & a hat on sunny days. Both will protect your hair & skin from the sun’s harmful rays.
  7. Skin Check – Make sure you make an appointment for an annual skin check with a dermatologist. Being attentive can save your life and the health of your skin.
  8. Exfoliate – Shed those dead skin cells at least 3 times a week for healthy cell turnover to help you get your glow on.
  9. Meditate & Focus – Take a few mins each day to read devotional, words of inspiration. Also, take some time to meditate, stretch, take some deep breaths, and listen to music. Ground yourself by walking in your backyard barefoot, make a massage appointment. Whatever else calms & revives you, DO IT.
  10. No Second Guessing – Don’t let feeling guilty stop you from taking time out for yourself. Or, about telling your family you need some mommy time. These are distractions that usually win if we let them.

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Karen Roedding

Karen Hoxey Roedding is the new Detroit Mommies Skincare & Anti-Aging Expert Contributor. She is a wife, mom, business owner, and the mommy of 3 rescue doggies & 3 rescue kitties. She has been involved in the Beauty industry in various aspects for over 35 years. She was a professional model for 17 years and did live fashion in Detroit, NYC, and Los Angeles. Karen was in numerous commercials including a Super Bowl commercial as well as print for lip & nail products, car ads, and was also in Vogue magazine twice in the '80s, etc. Karen was the Director & top talent agent for a very successful modeling, talent & production agency for years. She booked talent for live fashion, print, voiceovers, and commercials. Karen was also the manager for a very busy salon in Plymouth for 15 years. Under her management, she developed the salon into one of the Top 200 fastest growing salons in the U.S. Karen has been a leader with the #1 Skincare brand in North America for 12 years and is passionate about helping people get healthy skin and the importance of self-care. She helps people with anti-aging, sun damage, acne, sensitive skin, hydration, and more to achieve clear, calm, healthy, and radiant skin.

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