Fun Ways for Kids to Get Fit This Summer

Fun Ways for Kids to Get Fit This Summer

Headed into summer after watching your kids endure a virtual school year and unsure what to expect? You and your kids can spend the summer being active and enjoy yourselves as a family unit! Some fun ways for kids to get fit this summer are getting in nature, joining a competitive sport, or being active in ways they enjoy. The activities that you can do are limitless; brainstorm ideas as a family before starting.

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Exploring Dance

The dance world offers so many opportunities for all children, whether they prefer to get involved in ballet, square dancing, or even the latest trending dances. Cultural dances, such as Irish dance, are also incredibly fun—just be sure the kids have the correct shoes. Overall, dancing is a great way for kids to get fit, and there are advantages to committing to competitive dance as well. Plus, dance allows you all to travel and socialize, hopefully meeting new people!

Creating Obstacles Courses

A wonderful way to stay at home and get active is to create an obstacle course in or around your home. This task is your chance to get creative and think about using everything in the house for unique purposes. When doing this task, we highly recommend searching for ideas on the web, referring to things you have seen on TV, and getting opinions from the kids!

Participating in Competitive Sports

Just like dance, any other competitive sport is a great way to get fit in summer. Most competitive sports can be done all year round, but some are specific to summer. Engaging in competitive sports teaches kids about time management and gives them something to look forward to daily. It educates them about their body and how to use it as a tool. Then, they can take those practice workouts and routines anywhere and replicate them.

Exploring Nature

When deciding to explore nature, remember that it’s a workout too. Walking through beaches, forest preserves, and dunes are all ways to casually get in a cardio workout while taking in beautiful views. Another fun way for kids to get fit this summer is to take them on hiking, rock climbing, and mountain climbing trails. These are great workouts with a fantastic payoff when you are at the top viewing the beautiful scenery! 

You can jampack your summer with different activities that can keep your kid fit. You know your child, so when trying to entertain them, remember that everything doesn’t have to be complicated, even if their favorite word is “Why?”

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