The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Tools

If you’re not cleaning your makeup tools, you might want to start. Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes, sponges, and metal application tools can make a huge difference in your skin’s health and the longevity of your makeup products.

The importance of cleaning your makeup tools is illustrated by the many benefits you reap when you do so. Setting aside the time to properly wash and dry your tools is time-consuming, but there are consequences if you don’t clean them regularly.

Longer Lifespan

Cleaned tools last longer. They’re free of the dirt, grime, and general uncleanliness that damages them and eventually renders them unusable. Unwashed bristles turn rigid and makeup sponges can harden. If they’re not cleaned in the right way, metal tools like eyelash tweezers can develop rust.

Better Application

When the bristles of a brush become contaminated with several layers of makeup, it becomes harder to apply a smooth layer. The caked-on makeup mixes with the newer recently applied makeup, which can leave your application looking discolored, streaky, or patchy.

The same goes for dirty sponges and blenders. They’re less efficient and deposit older makeup onto your skin. This not only causes breakouts but also makes a proper, natural-looking blend harder to achieve.

Metal application tools, like tweezers or curlers, also require regular maintenance. They’re in constant contact with skin, and—in the case of tweezers—are often exposed to bodily fluids. If they’re not properly cleaned, eyelash tweezers and curlers can give you eye infections.

Fewer Breakouts

Bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil can accumulate on the surface of your tools over time. If they’re not cleaned off, these unwanted contaminants are repeatedly spread over your skin during application. This can lead to clogged pores, dull and dry skin, or unanticipated breakouts. The cleaner your tools are, the less harmful they are to your skin.

Less Irritating

In the case of brushes, cleaning is an absolute must. Frequent cleanings maintain the softness of a brush’s bristles. Bristles that get stiff and sharp can irritate or even nick your skin. In rare situations, they can even cause infections. Soft, clean brushes will result in fewer abrasions and decrease the likelihood of red, irritated skin patches.

Regularly cleaning your makeup tools is important because, in doing so, you’re protecting your health.

How Do I Clean My Tools?

The process for cleaning most tools is similar. For brushes, a gentle wash in a warm solution of two parts water and one part vinegar will disinfect the bristles and dislodge any residual makeup.

If you’re uncertain about how to clean a particular tool, look it up online—you can find detailed, step-by-step instructions for your specific type of product.

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