How Your Kids Will Benefit From Raising Chickens

How Your Kids Will Benefit From Raising Chickens

If you’re looking for a pet or two that will benefit your kids the most, chickens are the best choice. Chickens are easy to take care of, require less work than common household pets like a dog or cat, and provide plenty of life lessons and benefits. Here’s how your kids will benefit from raising chickens.  

Learn Responsibility 

Like any pet, your kids will learn how to be responsible when taking care of backyard chickens. Chickens typically require less hands-on work than other pets, which means you can trust your children with most of the responsibility. You wouldn’t typically let your young kid take the dog for a walk, but they can easily let chickens out of their coop, check for eggs, and feed them.  

Improve Their Immune System  

An often-overlooked benefit of having chickens is that they can help boost your children’s immune systems. A study by Ohio State University found that young children and babies who were introduced to barn animals have better, stronger immune systems.  

Learn About Sustainability 

Many kids don’t know where their food comes from, other than the shelves of the grocery store. This means they also don’t understand the waste that comes from these processes. Raising chickens in your backyard teaches your kids about where their food comes from and how you can provide sustainable food options from your own backyard. 

Ambition and a Little Extra Spending Money 

Raising chickens can be a great resource for your kids to learn about working hard and earning money. For older kids, spending time taking care of your chickens and selling the eggs to neighbors will give them a little allowance money and an understanding of how hard work can pay off.  

Learning responsibility, boosting their immune systems, and learning about sustainability and hard work and a few examples of how your kids will benefit from raising chickens.

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