Advantages of Using Adhesive Vinyl for Crafts

Advantages of Using Adhesive Vinyl for Crafts

Crafting is a fantastic way to explore creativity and imagination. Parents and kids finding a project that they can work on together is an amazing bonding experience. One of the best crafting materials to work with is adhesive vinyl, which you can use when customizing objects. Here are a few of the distinct advantages of using adhesive vinyl for crafts and why it deserves a spot in your crafting closet.

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1. Versatile

Adhesive vinyl is a sturdy plastic that comes in big rolls and has a backing sheet to protect the adhesive side like a big sticker. If you or your children have an interest in crafting, you can apply vinyl to notebooks for school or ceramics if you want to customize some coffee mugs. Adhesive vinyl also sticks well to wood, making it a good choice for popsicle stick crafts or custom wooden signs. The only thing you don’t want to apply it to is cloth, like T-shirts or hats. The plastic doesn’t stick to those surfaces as well and will often peel or wash right off.

2. Long-Lasting

One of the other advantages of using adhesive vinyl for crafts is that the durable nature and material make it last a long time. Many other adhesive sticker-related crafts eventually peel or wrinkle, but adhesive vinyl sticks and almost becomes part of the surface you apply it to. Beginners may need to follow a brief guide to applying adhesive vinyl. However, once you learn how to use it and experiment with it, you can create crafts with your kids that will last for decades to come.

3. Safe

A common concern with many crafting projects is that they may have tools or materials that aren’t safe for younger children. Adhesive vinyl mainly relies on the material, some transfer tape, and the surface on which you want to apply it. You don’t need to use any needles or hot glue or anything. You may need to help your kids cut out some of the finer shapes using scissors or a cutting tool. However, creating and transferring a design is something that children of nearly any age can do.

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