Important Home Maintenance to Do Before Fall Starts

Important Home Maintenance to Do Before Fall Starts

Fall will be here before you know it; while you are still enjoying the summer sun, it’s important to think about what’s to come. With the forthcoming weather change, it’s important that your home is prepared, so you can avoid expensive damage and poor living conditions. As a reminder, here is some important home maintenance to do before fall starts.

Replace Your Air Filter

An HVAC unit not only needs to have an air filter, but it also needs to be replaced regularly which is why it’s worth knowing when to change your air filter. It might be worth getting in touch with professionals to do this as if you have a faulty unit and you’re trying to repair it yourself, you might make matters worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some people use the change in seasons as a time to replace their HVAC unit’s filter to ensure their home’s air quality is high. An easy way to tell if an air filter needs to be replaced is by simply seeing if light passes through it. Replace the filter before the fall to ensure that your home remains comfortable during as the temperatures change.

Inspect the Roof

The last important piece of home maintenance to do before fall starts is to check your roof. Take a glance and look for any missing or loose shingles that tend to come from a change in temperature. A roof in bad condition can cause serious water damage so be sure to look for roofers west hartford ct that can fix any issues you might spot.

Check Your Windows

If it’s been a while since your windows were installed, it might be time to get Greensboro replacement windows. You will want to check the windows in your home for any drafts or to see if they feel very cold to the touch. The reason being is that, when you eventually start using the heating, you will not want to lose that warmth by having cracks in your window and double glazing only lasts a certain amount of time before wearing off. So, either get in contact with Mr. Rogers Windows for some new ones or seal them before it’s too late.

Drain the Sprinkler System

Another part of your home that needs to be taken care of before fall hits is the sprinkler system. You run the risk of freezing irrigation lines when temperatures eventually drop, so remember that you will need to drain the system. Draining your sprinkler system before fall can prevent busted pipes, ruined sprinkler heads, and more headaches.

Every season calls for different types of work around the house. Since this year seems to be flying by due to COVID-19, it’s essential that you keep these different pieces of home maintenance in mind.

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Regina T.
Regina T.
1 year ago

Thank you! In most cases, sealing windows can solve the problem. However, sometimes it is not enough. Here are some things that signal you need to replace your windows:
1. The gaps are too big.
2. Mold and rot.
3. You hear whistling in windy weather.
Even though replacing and installing windows can be pretty expensive, remember that it will pay off in the long run as, by doing this, you can reduce your utility bills.

Olivia Burton
1 year ago

Also, think about security. The longer nights mean more hours of darkness, which can make it harder to spot someone attempting to break in. Move your valuables to where they can’t be seen from the windows to avoid tempting a would be burglar. Install motion sensor lights outside – these will be helpful for you if you arrive home in the dark and will put off anyone approaching the house who shouldn’t be. You may also want to consider installing security cameras. 3-4 cameras watching your door, front lawn and backyard would be enough.