3 Possible Reasons Your Newborn Isn’t Sleeping at Night

3 Possible Reasons Your Newborn Isn’t Sleeping at Night

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys. However, as adorable as they are, infants are on a much different sleep schedule than adults. Every new parent knows the struggle of listening to cries in the wee hours of the night. If you’re more sleep-deprived than usual, here are three possible reasons your newborn isn’t sleeping at night.

They’re Hungry

Newborns should eat every two to three hours. Thus, getting a full eight hours of rest is nearly impossible for them because they’ll eventually need a snack. If your little one is crying after you’ve put them down, try feeding them a little. A warm bottle might just be the thing your mini-me needs to get some shut-eye. Don’t forget to burp the infant, as well. Newborns need help releasing uncomfortable gas after they eat.

They Need Changing

Sitting in wet clothes is extremely uncomfortable. Even though diapers these days are incredibly absorbent, there’s no way they can catch everything. So, try changing your baby if you hear them getting fussy at nighttime. It’d be best if you used natural cleaning products while changing them. Off-the-shelf cleaning products may contain harsh chemicals that can damage a youngster’s skin. Thus, it’s crucial to use natural products that won’t cause a rash or infection.

They’re in Pain

Babies can’t communicate on their own. So, crying is a way they let their caregivers know that something is wrong. Perhaps your infant is fussy at night because they’re in pain. A tot could be running a fever or have gas pains their parents may not know about. Adults should also watch out for signs that their infant has seasonal allergies. If their nose is congested, they won’t be able to breathe properly, thus affecting their quality of sleep.

This article discussed three possible reasons your newborn isn’t sleeping at night. New parents should keep an eye out for these potential issues. That way, everyone can get their beauty sleep and be ready for playtime the next day.

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