Back-to-School Supplies for Kids During COVID-19

Back-to-School Supplies for Kids During COVID-19

This school year is unlike any other. While some parts of the country are opening back up, others are remaining closed. With August quickly approaching, the true question on everyone’s minds is: What about my child’s school? If your child is planning on going back to school this fall, check out these back-to-school supplies for kids during COVID-19 to learn about the items they may need this year.

Personal Protective Equipment

Most schools—yes, even kindergarten—are planning to require children to wear face masks for their entire school days. This means you will need to find a few face masks that your kiddos are comfortable enough wearing for about seven hours a day. If you have young children, you may want to consider investing in some fun reusable masks so that your child will look forward to using them rather than seeing them as an inconvenience. For older children, disposable masks may be a better option, especially if they drive themselves to school or have after school activities—they may forget or lose their reusable mask during these active times.

Hand Sanitizer

While most schools will strive to provide plenty of hand sanitizer, it’s still possible that the school or your child’s classroom may run out from time to time. It’s also possible for another hand sanitizer shortage to surface during back-to-school time. You may want to pack a small hand sanitizer bottle into your child’s backpack and remind them to use it before and after lunch and before and after touching communal items.

Tons of Reminders

Although this tip is not technically a physical school supply, reminding your children of the importance of social distancing is a new essential when going back to school. Remind them that these times are tough on everybody and they’re encouraged to talk about it with you, their friends, and other trusted adults if they’re having a hard time adjusting. For younger children, they may have trouble grasping that this is abnormal; on the other hand, older children may need to mourn the loss of their “normal” activities. Keep reminding them that you will get through these times together!

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