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Keeping Your Kids Busy While Social Distancing

Keeping Your Kids Busy While Social Distancing

COVID-19 put one heck of a damper on our daily lives and especially on our kids’ lives. Not to mention, as parents, it’s hard to see our kids struggling to stay active and entertained every day. However, take a look at these ideas for keeping your kids busy while social distancing.

Try To Develop Some Form Of Normalcy

This sudden disruption in our routines has significantly thrown us all out of our comfort zones. Nobody likes change, and that includes our children. Not doing anything can be one of the worst things you can do. That said, you should plan activities and build some routine to follow. That way, you’re not going into each day without a plan.

Get Outside Everyday

You and your kids need fresh air every day, weather permitting, of course. You can get outside and work in the yard, go for a walk, or go on a bike ride. Or maybe your kids love to burn off energy by playing sports. In that case, you could get a soccer ball and some small nets and have your own Wembley Stadium.

Build Something

Kids love to get their hands dirty and learn new skills, so why not order a build your own birdhouse and let the kids decorate it? Another fun activity you could do is create a scavenger hunt. With all the resources we have at our fingertips these days, we have no excuse to not get creative with our activities and crafts.

Get Your Old Entertainment Center Back Up and Running

Of course, kids love their electronics these days. Maybe you’ll want to set up an old TV in their bedroom or the basement so they can watch movies. Some TVs use different types of coaxial cables, so make sure your setup is correct. Alternatively, if you still have a gaming console from your childhood, you could enjoy some nostalgia while teaching your kids a game you grew up with. While it’s important to reduce excessive screen time, with COVID-19, our options are limited.

Furthermore, if your children are slightly older, you might even want to suggest that they check out some of the amazing gaming forums out there. Gaming websites such as these PsychoSquad forums are a fantastic place for your teenager to chat with fellow gamers about upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077, and to organize multiplayer gaming experiences. Besides, although your child must stay at home, there is nothing to stop them from making online friends within the gaming community. These online forums can even provide your teenager with some of the elements of social interaction that they are missing out on as a result of the pandemic. Just be sure to monitor any interactions your child has online and remember to encourage online safety at all times.

That said, keeping your kids busy while social distancing is possible, but difficult nonetheless. However, we hope these ideas will help you stay sane and have fun with your kids. Just remember to follow your local authority’s guidelines.

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