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Hobbies You Should Pick Up This Summer to Pass the Time

Hobbies You Should Pick Up This Summer to Pass the Time

If you’re looking for time to get something done or start something new, the time is now-not just because of the current pandemic keeping us indoors, but because spring and summer are a time of renewal, not just for nature, but for individuals as well. As long as we take the first step, we can use the summer to accomplish dreams we’ve chased. Keep your creative juices flowing, and try out some of these hobbies you should pick up this summer-we’ve even included some off-shoot interests you may find by participating. Check them out!


When we say photography, we’re not really talking about snapping pics on your iPhone. Rather, take the time to delve into what photography can do for your creativity when you pick up a real camera. You can learn about how to filter the light in, choose the best angles for people and nature, and shoot pictures to hang in your home-the benefits are endless. Of course, real cameras and technology can become quite expensive, so if you’re just starting out then you might perhaps want to use your smartphone and see what amazing pictures you’re able to take! Smartphone photography can also become a little more technical and advanced if you are to look into equipment such as the Osmo Mobile 4 and similar products that can enhance how you take pictures with your smartphone.

Off-shoot interest: There don’t seem to be many ways to get outside right now, but taking a walk or a hike is one of them. When you bring your camera for some nature shots, you’ll end up finding even more of an appreciation for its beauty. Hiking and nature walks are healthy hobbies that often stir from an interest in photography.


If you want to pick up a sustainable habit, then go for beekeeping. It’s one of our favorite hobbies to pick up in the summer-who doesn’t want to get out in the sun! People have been saying “save the bees” for a few years now, and when you decide to become a beekeeper, you’ll do just that. You can set up some beautiful hive homes in the backyard, get the right equipment and clothing, and be on your way to fresh honey. Not to mention you’ll provide a safe place for your bees!

Off-shoot interest: Beekeeping often goes hand-in-hand with gardening. You have to give your bees flowers to pollinate, which means more digging and planting. If you want a more colorful garden, the bees will help. It’s a great way to calm an anxious mind.


While you’re stuck at home, why not dive into nature? Genealogy has an entire world for you to explore-your history, your family’s history, and maybe even your friends’ histories if you fall hard for this hobby. There are tons of places where you can send in DNA and learn about your ethnicity. From there, you can dig into what made your history and what made you who you are.

Off-shoot interest: A love for learning about history in general often follows learning about your genealogy. You’ll want to learn about why your great-great-aunt fled Russia or what was going on in the world when your grandma met your grandpa. History has so many worlds within it-take the time to learn about it.

Learning one hobby often leads to picking up another-you just have to take the first step!

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