How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lockdown

How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lockdown

The pandemic of COVID-19 has most of the country locked away inside. With most businesses closed or operating with extremely restrictive rules, a birthday party just might not be in the cards for summer birthday kids. This can be a difficult thing to navigate as a parent, as many children don’t entirely understand why they can’t have a birthday party—especially young ones. If you have a child with a summer or early fall birthday, you may be fretting about how to make the day as special as possible without breaking social distancing rules. Check out this guide on how to make your child’s birthday special in lockdown.

Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Even though your child can’t gather with all their friends to celebrate their birthday in-person, that doesn’t mean they can’t still have a party. Host a virtual birthday party for them in a way similar to how you would normally. Get your child to help you pick out unique invitation cards and mail them to your child’s desired guests. Instead of a location, put down the details of the video call or chat room that the party will take place in. You can have the kids video call as a group and play virtual games together—there are tons of apps you can download and have the invitees’ parents download to help bring them together to celebrate.

Decorate Your House

Order up some awesome birthday decorations in a theme your child will love, and set them up around the house. Sprinkling confetti on the kitchen table, placing balloons all over the house, and even hanging a “happy birthday” sign can make your child’s birthday feel special, even in lockdown. For an extra special treat, try gift wrapping their bedroom door while they sleep, so they wake up to a fun and festive surprise.

Make a Special Dinner

A lot of families take the birthday kid out to a restaurant to eat for a birthday celebration. Since this is not currently an option, consider turning your kitchen or dining room into a restaurant to mimic the experience. You can either order food in from your child’s favorite restaurant or recreate the menu items as a family for some added fun. Seat your child at the table as a restaurant “guest,” and you or an older sibling can act as the wait staff and chef. This can be an entertaining way to return some fun and a sense of normalcy to your child’s birthday.

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