Five Things to Look for in your Next “Mom-Mobile”

Best Features for the Mom Mobile

Just What is a “Mom-Mobile”?

There has been a stereotype for years about the “Mom-Mobile” – the car that all moms drive. But really, we know there’s a reason moms and a lot of families choose these vehicles. They not only provide the space we need, but get us through the daily errands we all have to do. Sure, there may be a lost fry or two under the seats, and a few crayons – but we love the mom-mobiles.

As car makers are noticing this shift, they see the need for the larger SUVs, mini-vans and cross over vehicles. And while on the outside may still look like the stereotypical car that the soccer mom may drive, inside is loaded with things we love and features you’re going to want in your next car. There are so many features in new cars you may want to look into, but these will make your drive smoother, more enjoyable and make you embrace that Mom-mobile. 

Infotainment Systems – Keep You Driving

Best Features for the Mom Mobile

Most newer cars come with a loaded infotainment system. From GPS, music and more all built into the dash and within an arms reach. When you’re traveling this can be key- it not only tells you where to stop for gas or food, but can keep you aware of the speed limit and how much further you have until you reach your destination. Keep an eye on the traffic conditions, and some even will tell you the weather! 

Be on the look out for cars that are starting to integrate Amazon and Alexa in the system – not only will it change your music on your command, but you can order items while driving as well! 

Storage is Key! 

Best Features for the Mom Mobile

From strollers, to groceries to a whole pile of Christmas presents. Your car needs to make sure that it fits not only your whole family but it also can handle everything you need. We know that storage is helpful in a trunk of small cars, but in larger vehicles as well. Look for a car with hidden storage spaces perfect to stash emergency kits for break downs, first aid kits and of course, Christmas presents that you don’t want anyone to see! 

Flexibility – For Carpool and More 

Best Features for the Mom Mobile

Your life isn’t the same day to day, so why should your car be? You need to be able to change from a family car. Most larger SUVs and minivans seat 6-7 people comfortably. On  a day to day basis we keep the extra seats stashed – this gives us extra room for storage and hauling! And with a simple pull of a cord you have extra seating. 

Be on the look out for stow and go seating where the seats will completely go into the floor – providing perfect storage space for hauling large items. Have a new table you want to bring home? This will make it easy to bring home almost anything. Or seat half of the baseball team when you take them out of ice cream! 

Safety Features to Keep You On the Road and on Track 

Best Features for the Mom Mobile

Regulations mean all cars will have airbags and seat belts – but what more do you need? How about lane departure warnings, blind spot awareness or cruise control that adapts for the speed you’re going and keeps you a safe distance. All of these features are available in newer vehicles and will be within a quick reach of the steering wheel. That means, you can keep your eyes on the road more and your family safer while you’re driving. 

Easy to Clean Interiors

Best Features for the Mom Mobile

Just because we live a good portion of our lives in our cars, doesn’t mean it has to look like it. With easy to clean upholstery and console materials, cars are getting easier to keep up inside. яндекс We always have to run our car to the local car wash to use their vacuum – but what if you car came with one built in? It’s probably my favorite feature of the new Chrysler Pacifica – a retractable vacuum that reaches to the very front of the car! That means those lost fries wont be in there too long. 


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