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Morning Routines

How is your Morning Routine?

I really love to read “day in the life” posts. It just fascinates me to learn how other people spend their days!  So, I decided to break up my current day in the life posts into My Morning Routine, My Afternoon Routine, and My Evening Routine in case you’re as curious as I am! My day naturally breaks up into those three chunks, but breaking it up also ensures that the posts won’t be too long and rambling (no promises, though!)!

It is, of course, impossible to write what I do every day…so I will write what I do on most days. (As well as what I strive to do every day, but sometimes fail to do!) Here we go!

4:00am | Alarm Goes Off

Every morning at 4:00am, my alarm sounds. I quickly shut my

alarm off, grab my glasses, roll out of bed and head downstairs.  My first stop is the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee (thank you programmable pot) I then grab a banana from the freezer and the jar of homemade pecan/sunflower seed butter from the fridge.  I scoop some nut butter from the jar and return it to the fridge.  Taking my cup of coffee and banana I head to the office and open up my laptop.  For the next thirty minutes I check my email, scroll through Facebook, balance our bank account via YNAB and plan out my day.  

4:40am | Kitchen Tasks

Around 4:40am (or earlier, if I finish up sooner), I unload the dishwasher and put everything away and reload it with anything that was left from the night before still in the sink.  Once I finish with the dishes I pull out the kids lunches (I make them the night before while I am cleaning up from dinner) and place them on the kitchen counter.  I wait to pull together my husbands lunch until he gets up because sometimes he has business lunches and I don’t always know it the night before.  Then I make the kids protein shakes and set them on the counter next to their lunch boxes.  I also pull out a math practice sheet for Holden to complete when he wakes up.  

4:50am | Get ready for the Gym

By 4:50am I am heading back upstairs to brush my teeth, wash my face and change into workout gear. I also give my Aline aligner a wash to make sure it doesn’t make my breath smell! It doesn’t take long because who am I trying to impress this early 🙂 The goal is to pull out of the drive way between 5:00-5:10am.  

5:30am | LYFT class at Starting Line Health and Fitness

The gym is my happy place it offers me a chance to connect with friends and an opportunity to
get in 60 minutes of heart pumping cardiovascular drills, core conditioning exercises and unique strength conditioning drills that challenge my mind and body.  When I leave the gym to head home I am rejuvenated and ready to start my day. 

6:40am | Home

The kids are usually awake and lounging on the couch with their protein shakes when I walk in the door.  Holden is about 50:50 on whether or not he has completed his math practice sheet by this time.  If he hasn’t finished it up I ask him to start.  Then by 7:00am Holden is getting himself dressed and ready for school.  At this same time my hubby is showering and making his breakfast.  While I pack up backpacks, make my own lunch and the hubbies if he needs it.  

Depending on the day I also may prepare a social media post, write a workout for a class I am teaching later in the morning or fold a load of laundry.  If I do broadcast a post it is on my Fit Family Coaching Facebook Page as well as on my Instagram. (Sometimes, I’ll wait until later in the day for Instagram.)  My post automatically broadcasts to Twitter, and since I basically never use Twitter anymore, I just let the auto-broadcast do its thing.  The time passes quickly in the morning and by 7:22 the boys are headed out the door to the bus stop.  

7:30am | Shower Time

Now that the boys are gone, Nora and I head upstairs to get ready for the day.  I shower, get dressed, dry my hair and put on makeup.  I have it down to a science as to how much time I get to get everything done before I head downstairs again.  Nora dresses herself, makes her bed and putzes around upstairs until I am done.  

8:25am | Pre-K Drop Off

Nora and I walk out the door by 8:25am work bag and backpack in hand to pick up her girlfriend who lives in our neighborhood.  The girls usually chit chat or draw a picture or two before we arrive at school a few minutes later. 

8:50am | Clients – Classes

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I work with privately with clients at Starting Line Health and Fitness.  

LYFT Class

Here is a little more about what I offer clients – 
Clients and I work together to create the goal…then we set the plan in motion. I am with them every step of the way to create accountability for their goals and ultimate success.  I design a program each time we meet that includes a specific mix of core conditioning, strength training and cardiovascular exercise in circuit fashion. These circuits allow my clients to achieve elevated heart-rates for the entire 60-minute session allowing more work to be done than in traditional training programs.  I also take into consideration clients likes and dislikes on exercises and base their workouts on their abilities so that their workouts fit their needs. Clients meet with me either two or three times a week – however, my schedule is fairly flexible so I am willing to work together to find a schedule that works for both of us.  
Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:30am I coach a LYFT class at Starting Line

That’s my morning routine! Of the three sections of my day (morning, afternoon, and evening), this routine is easily the most predictable and similar day-to-day. What does your morning look like?


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Meghan Ritchie

Meghan is a busy mom of two children, Holden 6 and Nora 4. She is the Program Coordinator, a Personal Trainer and Conditioning Coach at Starting Line Health and Fitness. Health and fitness has always been a very important part of her life, and, in the past, to a fault. After struggling with her own health and fitness goals she learned quickly that life is all about balance. Nothing more drove that point home more than her children. She soon learned that it was possible to take care of her growing family and herself. When she took care of herself, she found herself taking better care of her family.

She wants to share her success of raising a family and staying in great shape with those around her. She strives to show families how important it is for parents to be interested in their own wellness. Because through their interest in health and fitness their children can see first hand the importance of fueling and using their bodies in the right way!

Meghan wishes to teach, help and coach people to achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyle by finding balance.

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