When I was a kid, summer meant waking up in the morning, throwing on my swimsuit, flip-flops and a pair of shorts and heading outside for the entire day.  It meant hours at the neighborhood pool, searching out and capturing frogs, climbing trees, and heading home tired and hungry from a long day outdoors.  

Two-thirds of Americans don’t think they get enough time outside.  It seems like kids these days would rather play video games than explore the outdoors, but our family doesn’t let bugs, the sun or the heat get in our way of enjoying quality family time outside.  Summertime means we prepare to spend many hours outside.  

This year we bought a few items to get the kids excited to spend time outside.  We purchased a new trampoline for the backyard, a Slip ‘N Slide and a basketball hoop so the kids could easily step outside and stay active.  Before stepping outside, we protect their  skin with a strong sunscreen and OFF!® Familycare Insect Repellent. We also fill their water bottles up so they stay hydrated.

Jumping on Trampoline

Last weekend was pretty hot, so we set up the slip n’ slide.  The kids went from slip n’ slide, to trampoline, to play structure and then repeated over and over.  We had a full day of outdoor fun!


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 Disclosure: This post was written to help promote #TheOutdoorsMissesYou and my partnership with OFF!® All opinions are my own and true. 

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