While many students in other parts of the country are already back at school, Michigan students get the luxury of a couple of extra weeks to enjoy the summer.  Inevitably the time must come for the kids to go back.  My son seems to be happy about that some days and not so happy on other days.  He is anxiously awaiting the teacher assignment letter….. we don’t know much about any of the four second grade teachers but he heard one of the teacher  has show-and-tell so of course that’s the one he wants!


We were asked by Elmer’s Glue to use their Tri-Fold Display Board to come up with a way to show some school spirit.  These display boards come in really handy – especially at science fair time.  They come in different colors but we chose white (actually the only option I saw at this particular Walmart). The display board worked perfectly for our school spirit sign.

We picked up our supplies at the Super Walmart in Auburn Hills.  I always grab cleaning supplies when I’m there – you can’t beat the prices.

Working on this craft was a nice way to spend an afternoon.  Working on it seemed to bring back good memories of being at school and got him thinking about all the fun stuff they do while at school.


We used the following supplies from Elmer’s:


Tri-Fold Display Board


X-TREME School Glue Stick


Project Popperz 2 color permanent markers


School Glue Dual Tip Pen


Project Popperz Black Letters & Numbers




Construction Paper


Paper Clips



  1. We made straight pencil lines on the display board where we wanted the letters to go
  2. Then we used the project popperz letters to spell out the school name.  These were really cool – they are sticky on top so you can move them around to get them just right and then you glue them down – the dual tip glue pen worked well for that.
  3. Next we cut out a guitar, soccer ball, basket ball and a book from the construction paper.  My son came up with these as fun things he remembered about school.
  4. We then used the Popperz Markers to label the cut-outs and to draw his school mascot – an owl, and yes the one he drew looks pretty good it’s just a scruffy looking thing.
  5. We glued the cut-outs to the display board.  For a 3-D effect we glued pieces of foam board under the two balls to “lift” them up a little.
  6. For some final details we used the X-TREME School Glue Stick to affix a pencil and quite a few blue paper clips.



I thought it turned out good – he was so proud of his work.


This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer’s #gluenglitter  and #collectivebias.  All opinions are honest and my own.





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12 years ago

Your son’s spirit project is fantastic! We, too, are in Michigan and are rapidly moving toward the first of day of school with mixed feelings. What a wonderful way to help your son transition!

Candace @Naturally Educational

This is so cute–love the school spirit! We also don’t start until after Labor Day and my daughter is so excited! She can barely contain herself!

12 years ago

He looks so proud of his display, as he should be! I’m going to have to pick up a trifold board, so we can make something. My toddler loves crafting with me!

Tricia Nightowlmama
12 years ago

What a great project.. and such school spirit

Sara @ Mom Endeavors
Sara @ Mom Endeavors
12 years ago

What a great school spirit project!! 🙂 Love the Project Popperz–perfect for a project like this!

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

That looks awesome! Great job.

Ellen Christian
12 years ago

I love that! I’d love to do one of those for my son and his football team!


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Amy @ Dealusional
12 years ago

I love it! And that guitar turned out awesome 🙂