How to Make Butterfly Straws

These are fun and easy to make butterfly straws. They would be great for your Spring or Summer party decorating!


Here’s what you need:

-Small pieces of pretty paper or you can use white paper and decorate it yourself.

– Scissors

– Straws – clear straws work well, it makes the butterflies look like they are floating


I started with a piece of paper that was 6 inches by 4 inches then I folded it in half with the patterned sides together. (1) Trace the butterfly template on the folded edge.  (2)Cut the butterfly out and fold it together with the patterned side out. (3) Cut two small slits near the top for the straw to slide through. (4) That’s it!


You can play around with it and make them smaller and use different shapes for the wings.  We made one white and then decorated it with crayons and colored pencils.

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