Tips for Getting Your Baby’s First Haircut

Tips for Getting Your Baby’s First Haircut

The first haircut is a memorable experience. Some moms wait because they’re not ready to watch their baby shed their soft locks. If you’ve decided that it’s time, read about the best tips for getting your baby’s first haircut so that you can prepare your little one for the process.

Prepare Them

Before you strap your baby into the car seat to head to the salon, prepare them for what’s to come. Explain the process step by step so that your cutie isn’t surprised when they sit in the styling chair. Remember to choose your words carefully. For example, you don’t want your child hearing the word “cut” and thinking “owie”–instead, try using the word “trim.”

You may need to pack a change of clothes if your kiddo gets hair all over themself. After all, they may not want to wear the cover in the salon or barbershop, and you shouldn’t force them. On the other hand, you want to make sure they have a positive experience so that they aren’t afraid the next time you go!

Make It Comfortable

Think about timing—not just when your baby needs their first trim but the time of day. You don’t want to take your baby when they should be napping or snacking since this will disrupt their usual schedule. Ensure you find a salon that makes clients comfortable. You may want to look for a family-friendly salon or call ahead to book an appointment with a stylist you know.

Show Them It’s Okay

Your baby may feel scared when they first see the clipper coming toward them. Some moms help comfort their little ones by having their babies watch them get a haircut first.

Other times, parents will bring their tot’s favorite toy along for the ride. A toy provides the perfect distraction and comfort object! Ideally, you want to bring something that will keep your kiddo busy, whether it’s a picture book, snack, toy, or something else.

Make Memories

The final tip for getting your baby’s first haircut is to make it memorable. If you get the chance, try to snap a quick photo or two of the experience. Tell your child what a fantastic job they did while getting their haircut! And don’t forget to get that first lock of hair for your scrapbook.

Remember, this experience should be fun for the two of you. Once you get home, make it more memorable with a baby fashion show or fill up your camera roll with photos of your little one’s new do!

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