I love participating in the wonderful projects you are seeing more of across the web.  The one’s like the Hershey’s Better Basket project I did where I got to put together two Easter baskets.  One to give to give away and one to keep.  We ended up giving both to two separate sets of people that deserved a treat .

This time, my girls and I got to go shopping at Walmart to pick up school supplies.  One set for them and another to give away to someone in need.  We chose supplies for a child in Kindergarten/1st Grade.

I let the girls pick out the supplies, guiding them to things they needed for school or for art projects.  Since we don’t already have a list, I had to go off of what I thought they might need.  We grabbed the basics and some fun art stuff to make posters and projects.

The Elmer’s glue was on sale for 25 cents a bottle and there were folders for 15 cents.  Lots of great deals to be had!

I wish the backpack selection had been better because the backpacks started at $25 and were all plain.  My girls like the character backpacks, so we skipped that for now and will check back at a later date to see when they get more supplies in.  I also think they need to put the hand sanitizer and wipes in the back to school section because I’m sure it will be on ALL the supply lists again this year.

Over all we had a great time choosing supplies for our Bag It Forward project and for my daughters backpack!

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Disclosure:  We were compensated by Collective Bias to purchase school supplies for us and to give away.  All opinions are mine and my daughters and not influenced by anyone or anything.

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