Tips for Planning Your Family Photo Christmas Cards

Tips for Planning Your Family Photo Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a wonderful way to stay in touch with people, and photo cards make the event more meaningful. Unfortunately, with so many parties and gift exchanges that fill the calendar during the holiday season, we often leave our cards for the last minute. Use the following tips for planning your family photo Christmas cards this year and send them out before Christmas day arrives.

Who Will Take Your Pictures?

When planning your photo for your cards, the first thing to decide is who will take the images. You can hire a professional, take them yourself, or ask someone to help you.

To take photos yourself, you need a decent camera, a tripod, and a timer on the camera or a remote to shoot the picture. Also, you need to determine where to take your photos.

Tips for Outdoor Photos

Does your family prefer the outdoors or indoors for the photos? Here’s some advice if you choose an outdoor setting:

  • Watch the weather forecast.
  • Dress in layers in case the temperatures go up and down.
  • Check to see if you need a reservation to take photos.
  • Consider a park with plenty of trees for a natural backdrop.
  • Shoot pictures just before sunset (two hours before) for the “sweet light” of the day.
  • Take more photos than you need so that you’ll have plenty of options.

Tips for Indoor Photos

  • Use your fireplace or Christmas tree as a backdrop.
  • Order a false scene for a fun background.
  • Take photos when there is ample natural light coming into the house.
  • Shoot pictures with the light in front of the group rather than behind.
  • Place a ring light in front of everyone if you need more light.

Plan Your Outfits

Don’t wait until the last minute to choose outfits. What you all wear is an important part of the photo for your cards.

Things To Consider

There are many outfit ideas for memorable family photos; however, the best way to decide is to consider your family and what works best for you. Just ensure the clothing is ready to go well before picture day.

Order Your Photos

If you’re putting a picture inside each card or creating photo cards, you should order everything a couple of weeks before sending them out. Have your cards ordered by Thanksgiving to be extra prepared.

When to Send Them Out

If you want your cards to reach everyone before Christmas, be sure to send them out the first week of December. This accounts for delayed shipping time during the holiday season.

When planning for your family photo Christmas cards this year, enjoy the process and remember that the sooner you get them done, the sooner you can scratch them off your busy holiday list.

Photos – Shannon Lazovski and her Family. Photos taken by I Gersh Photography. Cards made by Simply to Impress.

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