A List of Chores for Teens That Will Help Create Good Habits

A List of Chores for Teens That Will Help Create Good Habits

As a parent, you may feel like getting your teens to help out around the house is impossible. Although it may be a fight, teaching them basic household chores is crucial for them to grow up and move out on their own. Aside from teaching them new skills, they’ll also learn responsibility in the process. Whether you’re struggling to help them build good habits or you’re unsure where to start, explore this list of chores for teens that will help create good habits.

Doing Their Own Laundry

Laundry is a never-ending task for parents and can become an overwhelming chore with larger families. With that said, you can teach your teenagers to do laundry and then allow them to schedule time every week to do their own. Teach them communication skills by making them verify their plan for their laundry day with you in advance to avoid conflicts with using the washer and dryer. Overall, this practice takes some of the responsibility off your shoulders and teaches your teens to do their laundry if they want clean clothes.

Helping You in the Kitchen

Cooking is a necessary life skill for everyone, as you can’t live on your own without it. Although many young people eat out frequently, learning to cook is the easiest way to live sustainably. Allowing your teens to help you in the kitchen and giving them direction is one of the best ways for them to learn basic cooking skills. Consider teaching them to make a few healthy meals and their personal favorite dishes—after all, balance is key. Whether they help you gather ingredients, measure, or stir, your teen will pick up on skills just by observing the overall process.

Being Responsible for Their Own Car

Having a car is a huge freedom and joy for many teenagers. However, your teen should understand that they’re responsible for their own vehicle. Whether that means filling their gas tank, keeping it clean, or letting you know when something’s wrong, they should show some level of responsibility if they drive. Also, since many teens let their cars’ interiors get dirty, teach them interior car parts to clean and some basic organizational skills to avoid clutter.

Keeping Their Bedroom and Bathroom Clean

Enforcing a clean bedroom and bathroom is essential, as it teaches your children to respect your rules and their belongings. Rather than creating a mess every day, show them different ways to keep up with daily messes. These ways include cleaning the sink after brushing their teeth or putting their dirty clothes in a basket or hamper. A tidy space positively influences their overall health and well-being, making this an important chore and life skill.

Caring for a Pet

Pets are a part of the family, but someone has to care for them. Your teenagers are more than capable of caring for a pet, and it can help them build a positive relationship with the animal. Whether your teen is responsible for daily walks or feedings, your family dog will love the extra care and attention.

Hopefully, this list of chores for teens that will help create good habits is a useful tool to teach responsibility and skills. Teenagers become adults, so they need essential skills to live a healthy and happy life on their own.

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