5 Things To Do This Fall in Michigan


Happy Fall in Michigan!


There’s really nothing that compares to a Michigan fall. With its clear skies, crisp breeze, and breathtaking colors, Michigan takes the cake! With it comes all the classic fall activities we all love! Here are our suggestions on how to get the most out of this short but sweet season! 

1. Pumpkin Patches
Britany Stieber Pumpkin Patch
We know you want pictures of your little pumpkins sitting on a pumpkin! Or maybe you want to jump in for a pic or two! A classic place to pick is Blake’s Orchard & Winery in Armada. They have acres upon acres of fresh pumpkins, apples, beans, berries, and so much more! Visit their store with countless home grown fruits & veggies, homemade salsas, dips, spreads, you name it! End your excursion with an adult beverage and meal at their brewery/restaurant Blake’s Hard Cider Co.
2. Haunted Houses
Haunted House
Want to enjoy some frightening festivities before Halloween is here? Haunted Blake’s in Armada is a spooktacular place to take the kids or enjoy yourself! It’s just the right amount of scary, with a haunted hayride, haunted house, zombie paintball, corn maze, and a kiddie zone! Friendly advice: The earlier into October the better, the wait gets longer the closer you get to the holiday. Don’t want those kiddos getting too impatient!
3. Donuts & Cider
Fall: the only season where it’s acceptable to serve the family donuts & cider for breakfast. At least that’s what our family thought! If your sweet tooth is saying pumpkin spice latte, skip the drink and try some old fashioned donuts and cider instead! Yate’s Orchard in Rochester serves up some of the sweetest ciders, donuts, desserts, sparkling ciders, and ice cream. Plus they have a small petting zoo for the little ones! 
4. Sunflower Fields
There’s just something magical about a field of flowers shining like the sun! Fall is the only season to see this sunny spectacle! We’re regular visitors to the Vanhoutte Farm’s sunflower field in Armada. Whether you’re stopping to pose for a pic or just take in its beauty, the ladies there love to share their sunflower glory. Not only that, but you can buy some fresh grown vegetables to go! 
5. Farmer’s Markets
Brittany Stieber at Farmer's Market
It’s called fall harvest season for a reason! Fall is a fabulous time to hit up your local farmer’s market. Fill up a big basket of fresh locally grown fruits, veggies, and homemade goods. We’re not sure if it’s the lower prices or the homegrown love that goes into them, but we swear they taste better! Some great markets to check out are the Eastern Market in Detroit, Fulton Farmer’s Market in Grand Rapids, or some of the roadside stalls on the way to Romeo!
Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 

Brittany Ray

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