Fun Experiments to Boost Your Child’s Interest in Science

Fun Experiments to Boost Your Child’s Interest in Science

They don’t believe you when you say science is fun. They think it’s complicated and try their hardest to avoid the subject at all costs. Sometimes, it takes a little more than being in school to get them excited about science. Luckily, as their parent, you can explore new ways to grab their attention. Check out these fun experiments to boost your child’s interest in science.

Have a Lesson in Water

Water has so much to offer. It can be a solid, liquid, or gas. And there are several experiments you can play around with at any stage. Think of all the ways you can teach them about water. Showing it from a solid to a liquid to, eventually, a gas might take a while, but it’s a good way to show them all the various forms.

Also, consider showing them the power of soap and water. If they don’t believe you when you say that baths help prevent germs, then show them. Take a petri dish or a small plate from your home. Dump pepper on the plate along with some water.

Next, get dishwashing liquid or any type of soap and place a small amount on the tip of your finger. Finally, dip your finger in the pepper water and watch how the pepper shoots away.

Watch Metamorphosis

It’s important to remind them that science is life. Stepping outside and observing nature is even science. You can go into further detail by observing a life cycle. Consider getting a butterfly kit to show them the different stages of a butterfly.

Every day, they’ll watch as the caterpillar grows from its original stage to a butterfly. It’s a pretty spectacular sight to witness. During the observation process, keep a book on butterflies handy. That way, you can educate them on what stages are currently happening so that they know what they’re witnessing.

Build Something

If you want to take things a step further and get more hands-on, consider building something with them. Find a project that’s going to require a lot of time and patience. This way, you’ll teach them two lessons simultaneously.

Building science experiments are the best because, in every stage, they learn something new from their trials and errors. Consider building a model rocket because it has the perfect combination between education and fun. However, before launching, make sure the conditions look good for the big event.

Create Life

Creating a living, breathing thing can help get them into the subject too. And it can be as simple as placing a seed in a patch of soil. So before getting to the lesson on the birds and the bees, start off with growing a plant and see how well they take to it.

Get a book and survey all the various plants and see which ones are possible for you. Start off small and see which one interests them the most. You might even take it a step further and grow your own vegetables. They might even become more willing to eat them if they grew them themselves. This kills two birds with one stone.

These experiments are fun and easy enough to boost your child’s interest in science. So don’t hold off too long on them!

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