4 Tips on Mixing Patterns in the Nursery

4 Tips on Mixing Patterns in the Nursery

When changing the nursery or designing a new one, you might not want a specific theme. Not having a theme is something many new parents choose to do, and you should, too. Find out how to create the best nursery with these four tips on mixing patterns in the nursery.

Choose a Base Pattern

A great room starts with a base. A base pattern’s the starting point to a personalized nursery design. Start small first by deciding what you like. If you want animals, picking wildlife-themed patterns as the base is ideal. Go ahead and edit the designs—spend time mixing and matching different styles to find what you like.

Mix Up Large and Small Designs

Mix only two to three designs at a time, but add variety. Don’t try to combine three different large patterns, because then you lose the dominant pattern. Combine small and large to create a design that makes sense. For example, a leaf is a large print, so adding a small tiger print can draw more attention to the central part of your design: the leaf.

Make Sure the Designs Balance Out

Room designing requires balancing out patterns and styles. Don’t attempt juggling all the small patterns because it creates confusion and deviates from the base print. Additionally, stick to the two to three-pattern rule. You don’t want to overwhelm the room by combing different styles. If you have too many options, switch to one wallpaper or paint style to create a stimulating nursery for the baby.

Pick Colors that Complement Each Other

Sometimes patterns just aren’t it, so you use paint instead. As you decide whether your baby’s nursey needs a theme, you can think about colors. Get creative, but ensure the colors complement each other and don’t cause confusion or stray away from your concept.

Designing a nursery is scads of fun! Take your ideas for the nursery up a notch by drifting away from themes and using these tips on mixing patterns in the baby’s room to create something spectacular for yourself.

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