Easy Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior During the Spring

Easy Ways To Maintain Your Home’s Exterior During the Spring

From preventative repairs to seasonal cleanup, there’s always some work to be done around the exterior of your home as a new season approaches. But it doesn’t have to be a stressful or worrisome chore for you to do alone. These are some easy ways to maintain your home’s exterior during the spring.

Clean the Valleys of Your Roof

Prevent Future Damage

The creases between two slopes on your roof form a valley. If you have some trees close to your home, you likely have some debris like leaves or twigs caught within them. This is because the debris locks in moisture on specific points of your roof and leads to potentially troublesome water damage. It is important to wash out or remove this debris before the spring season begins.

Depending on the distance of certain foliage, lichen can also form on your roof with the same consequences, so it benefits you to have it removed. Getting a roof rake, leaf blower, or broom are preferred methods, depending on the steepness of your roof.

Clear the Gutters

All the Gunk Goes

People usually clean gutters in the fall and spring. This is with good reason, as filled gutters cannot do their job efficiently or effectively. If an extensive amount of water gets trapped by clogged drains, your roof ends up taking the brunt of the seepage. This, in turn, leads to rot and degradation of the roof. By manually scooping out anything caught inside the gutter or using a specific jet washer, you enable clean and accessible water flow for the next heavy storm.

Reseal and Repair Your Fences

Make It Good as New

Spring house preparation is an excellent way to get out of the house with the family. The benefits of playing outdoors with your kids while getting some work done are a double whammy. When looking at your fencing, it tends to get worn out after years of going through harsh weather. Be sure to power wash them and finish them off with a wood oil stain of your choice—that will keep them looking new while increasing their longevity.

Revitalize Your Wood Trims

Spruce Up the Spruce

There are several conditions that lead to wood door damage. To help reduce that strain, touch up and protect any wood that borders your entrances, like the front or garage door. That helps both practically and stylistically. Depending on your intent, sanding down and applying new varnish to the front door is excellent for making it feel new again. Getting some paint ready to go over any trims or columns for some porches does wonders in giving a bit of extra life to the overall appearance of your home.

Getting your home gussied up for the new season is not as difficult as some believe. By taking things one step at a time and making your way down the checklist, these easy ways to maintain your home’s exterior during the spring are sure to be just the thing you are looking for.

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