Uses for Chalk That You Might Not Know About

Uses for Chalk That You Might Not Know About

You probably remember using chalk in school to write out your multiplication tables on a blackboard or play hangman during recess. But chalk is helpful for far more than just drawing and writing.

Once you have outgrown your hopscotch phase, you can start using it for other purposes. With that in mind, here are some uses for chalk that you might not know about.

Chalk Can Serve as an Unofficial Dehumidifier

If you put chalk in a damp area, it absorbs the moisture in the air. This characteristic is especially helpful if you live in a very humid region.

Mildew Prevention Is Another Bonus

Putting chalk in the room can prevent mildew from forming. Just put it in a container with sufficient airflow, such as a mesh bag or a paper one with holes in it, and watch the chalk work its magic.

It Works Great for Scaring Away Ants

When you’re a homeowner, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with an ant problem. Thankfully, there are countless easy ways to eliminate them, including with chalk. Ants are careful about where they walk for their own protection.

Eliminating Ants Is As Easy as Drawing a Single Chalk Line

Since chalk looks like ash to the ants, they see it as a sign that there might be a fire nearby, so they’ll try their best to avoid it. If you draw a chalk line where the ants are coming in, they won’t want to enter from that way again. Who would have thought that repelling ants would be such an easy weekend chalk project?

You Can Use It To Fill Paint Cracks in the Wall

Filling paint cracks in the wall is on the to-do list for anyone moving out of an apartment or rental property at the end of their lease. Many people don’t know that chalk works effectively for this purpose and is often much cheaper than other filling materials.

Make Sure To Purchase Chalk That Matches the Paint Color

If you see a thin crack in the wall, chalk can fix it. All you have to do is purchase chalk that corresponds to the paint color so that it blends in. Then, you just need to draw over it with the chalk.

Overall, chalk has many uses outside of the classroom. So now you can tell your friends about uses for chalk that they might not know about!

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