Ways To Make Your Day Care a Success

Ways To Make Your Day Care a Success

Mothers never stop strategizing about ways to make money for their families, and choosing a post-baby career can be a challenge. If you’re a problem-solver, you’ve probably considered starting a daycare. It’s a natural fit that just makes sense. Parents always need a hand; it’s a way to work and still be with your children—and heaven knows you’ve got the experience. But if you do it, do it right. Set your business apart with effective ways to make your daycare a success.


You know what’s at stake for parents. How can you prove you’re someone they can trust? Beyond the legal requirements, look for more certifications that demonstrate your skills: CPR and first aid, special education, nutrition, child fitness, discipline theories, maybe even a new language. As you add support, train your staff thoroughly, making sure they’re certified, and develop their expertise. Officially schedule time off for continuing education, both for your employees and for yourself. Learning all you can about raising the next generation is part of the job, and it never ends.


Go the extra mile. Put yourself in the parents’ shoes, identify their needs, and make it easier for them. It makes your job even more meaningful and ensures that your clients will keep coming back. Parent cams will give them peace of mind, and Zoom check-ins can help them feel involved. Look into large companies nearby that might be able to help employees pay for care, and coordinate with you for emergency backup care. Flexible weekly scheduling is essential as jobs change. If you can, offer to extend your day care hours one night a week so parents can reconnect on dates. Are families unable to sign up just because they can’t get there? Find a solution by organizing carpools, or providing the transportation yourself.


Caring for children is based on personal relationships. Even if your charges are too tiny to talk, pay attention to what they’re trying to tell you with their reactions, their tears, and the things that make them dance with joy. You might discover they have a slight food allergy no one has picked up on, or see signs that their development is delayed. Listen to parents’ concerns, too, so that you can prevent any misunderstandings before they snowball. Ask questions, get feedback, and acknowledge that every family is unique. Be honest and professional in communicating clearly, so they relate to you as a partner, not a drop-off point on their way to work.

You’ll discover more ways to make your day care a success, and you don’t have to it all at once. Start small—with the scope of your business, and with your real clients: the children. Everything will grow from there.

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