Reasons To Take Your Kids Deep Sea Fishing

Reasons To Take Your Kids Deep Sea Fishing

Every parent wants to share new experiences and adventures with their kids. That’s why we pay for so many lessons, coach their teams, and expose them to culture. And when we can combine a new place to travel with a new activity, it’s a no-brainer. The next time you have a few days off, think about all these reasons to take your kids deep sea fishing.

It Gets Them Outside

Depending on the kid, this is no small feat. Maybe yours is glued to a gaming console or napping the day away. You’ve either been successful in interesting them in running—or inadvertently turned them off completely. Your kids are not you. If they haven’t found a passion for the outdoors yet, there’s always a way. Nature and wide-open spaces are key for keeping your kids active. Introducing them to the ocean could inspire them to take up surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, or any number of other hobbies.

It Teaches Problem Solving

It can be challenging to both be on a boat and to learn to fish in open water. It can be overwhelming, and a lot can go wrong. One day these will make for funny stories, but right now, your kids need guidance in learning how to overcome obstacles. Why aren’t the fish biting? It could be the location, the lure, the bait, anything. So, try something else together. Rather than getting annoyed by unexpected issues, turn it into a learning moment. Even if one of your young anglers starts to suffer motion sickness—and there’s always one who does—show them how to focus on the horizon to ease nausea.

“Catch and Release” Is a Great Philosophy

Remember the first time you struggled for hours to land a fish? As you stared in amazed triumph at the wriggling trout, someone told you, “OK, now throw it back!” (What?) Now that you’re older, you can understand catch-and-release fishing as a reminder to enjoy the journey, not the destination. Frame the philosophy in whatever way you think is most effective: compassion toward living things, preserving the ocean’s balance, learning to let go.

Of course, the most important reason to take your kids deep sea fishing is to make some memories. There’s something about being on the water and under the sun that creates a mental video you can’t erase. You don’t have to make it a marine biology course. You don’t even need to actually catch fish.

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