How Interior Design Can Change Your Mood

How Interior Design Can Change Your Mood

From a simple interaction with a coworker to the weather outside, your mood relies heavily on outside surroundings. If you’re looking for ways to ensure you feel happy and stress-free in your home, consider these examples of how interior design can change your mood.   

Using New Paint Colors  

The color of your walls has a significant effect on your mood. Colors are known to bring out specific moods and feelings. For example, red promotes a sense of urgency, so it’s often used in retail to boost sales. Blue is a productivity color, so it’s popular in business settings. For your home, tame neutral or pastel colors promote tranquility. Carefully pick the colors in your house to evoke specific positive emotions in each room.   

Adding Greenery  

Adding plants to your home has many benefits. Plants are great décor pieces, but they also purify the air in your home. They eliminate toxins in the environment and create more clean oxygen to breathe. In doing so, plants make your home a healthier environment. They also reduce stress levels for a boosted mood.   

Changing Lighting  

Lighting can play a significant role in your overall mood. When people don’t receive enough natural sunlight, they can become prone to negative emotions and mental illnesses such as seasonal affective disorder. Relying heavily on natural light is recommended to increase your mood.

Still, you can’t always receive ample natural lighting in your home, especially during the winter months, when there are fewer daylight hours. Switching to LED light fixtures, which more closely mimic natural lighting, will keep negative emotions at bay. Mimicking natural lighting is one of the many benefits of LED bulbs over incandescent ones

Decluttering and Organizing  

After you’ve had a hard day at work, the last thing that will improve your mood is a messy house. Making some time to clean or scheduling family time to do so can make the difference between feeling at peace in your home and adding to your stress levels.  

Using methods such as repainting and organizing are just a few examples of how interior design can change your mood for the better. 

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