Best Essential Oils for Nurseries

Best Essential Oils for Nurseries

As moms, we constantly seek out tricks to help us take care of our babies. We look for ways to help them fall asleep, stop fussing, and kick the common cold. And one resource in particular is helpfully multifaceted: essential oils.

With over ninety essential oils out there, you can find one to help with almost any baby woe. The trick is knowing how to use them. Here are the best essential oils for nurseries.

Using Essential Oils for Babies

Essential oils feature many health benefits, but they’re also highly volatile compounds. To use them safely, make sure you dilute the oil properly before use, and never allow your baby to ingest them. The best way to use them is to apply them directly to the skin or diffuse them into the air. You can also use them as a natural disinfectant for nursery surfaces.

Pro Tip

Remember, every essential oil is different. Some companies may not adhere to best practices to extract their oils or may use synthetic additives that you don’t want to give your baby. Before buying an oil, make sure you check the extraction method used, like ethanol or CO2 extraction, and the ingredient list.

Best Essential Oils for Nurseries

Lavender or Chamomile

Lavender and chamomile are two oils associated with deep relaxation and stress relief, and this is incredibly valuable when you have a fussy baby. The tranquil mind that these oils provide can reduce colic in babies and help them—and you—drift to sleep.

Distilled Lemon

As much as we love it when our babies sleep soundly, there comes a point when baby needs to wake up if we want them to sleep later. That’s where lemon essential oils come in handy. Lemon oils provide energy and a mood boost, and also help ease nausea. However, normal lemon oil can irritate a baby’s skin, so opt for distilled lemon.

Eucalyptus Radiata

Colds and other respiratory issues are some of the most common health conditions we find in our babies. Fortunately, eucalyptus oils can relieve congestion and kill germs. But pay attention to the type of oil you buy. Eucalyptus radiata is safe for babies, while its cousin eucalyptus globulus can cause breathing and nervous system problems in babies.

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