The Biggest Challenge of Adopting Rescue Dogs

The Biggest Challenge of Adopting Rescue Dogs

So many people have adopted pets during the pandemic. This is excellent because it means shelters across the country are emptying. A lot of people are also welcoming rescue dogs into their homes. Yet, before you fall victim to those puppy eyes, you should read about the biggest challenges of adopting rescue dogs. For example, you should be aware that it may take time for your puppy to bond with you.

Getting Adjusted

Many rescue dogs go through bad experiences before they’re adopted. For this reason, it can be hard for them to adjust to a new home. That’s why you need to try your best to make them comfortable. Create a space in the house where they can go to get some privacy. Also, hide away any wires that they may chew on when they start to get nervous.

Trouble Bonding

Some rescue dogs may have trust issues because of their past. These animals are different from ones that are adopted at birth because they may have gone through a traumatic experience in their lives. Consequently, you have to give your pooch time to become comfortable around you. Show shelter dogs they can trust you and that you’ll never break their loyalty. If you treat them with kindness from the beginning, you’ll eventually form a bond that’ll last a lifetime.


Anxious pups release their energy by chewing things. So, dealing with bad behavior is one of the biggest challenges of adopting a rescue dog. You have to remember that these dogs have never been in this kind of environment before. So, you and your family must be patient and teach the rescue dog how to behave. In the meantime, though, you can tuck away your shoes and any belongings that Fido may get into. Also, take some time to research why your dog is chewing. They may develop a case of separation anxiety because they have been abandoned before.

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