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3 Holiday Movies That Will Inspire Your Kids To Give Back

3 Holiday Movies That Will Inspire Your Kids To Give Back

Donating is a popular holiday tradition that many families incorporate into their annual celebrations. It’s important to teach the virtue of giving back to youngsters to instill compassion and a charitable spirit. Altruism, however, can be challenging to convey to children. Utilize the power of film this season to help you get the lesson across. There are plenty of movies that will inspire your kids to give back that the whole family will love. Watch these holiday films with your children to emphasize the benefits of charitable giving this season.


This new Christmas tale from Netflix explores Santa’s origin story. Protagonist Jesper starts as a spoiled postal service heir who gets exiled due to his bad attitude and work ethic. He teams up with Klaus, a humble toy-making aficionado, to fulfill his postal service duties. He uses Klaus’s skills and the needs of the town’s children as a means to an end.

In the end, Jesper finds that the spirit of giving is much more valuable than a paycheck. Jesper’s character arc is exemplary of how true satisfaction is a result of kindness and giving. Your children will admire his transformation from selfish to generous. They will be enthralled with the stunning animation, too!

A Christmas Carol

The “Scrooge” stereotype originated from this Dickens classic, with its first film adaptation dating to 1938. You have plenty of options to find a version of the film that’s best for your children, as there are rumored to be 135 different adaptations!

The original follows Ebenezer Scrooge and his holiday endeavors. It is apparent from the jump that he has no Christmas spirit, as he refuses to share his wealth with his family or employees. In addition to his greediness, he displays unkindness. It’s not until he sees how his life will pan out that he realizes spreading joy and cheer is more precious than money. Scrooge’s journey with ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future is a cautionary tale about how being unkind and greedy can lead to unfavorable results.

It’s a Wonderful Life

As George Bailey undergoes a severe financial crisis, he begins to think the world would be better off without him. He experiences what life would be like if that were the case, shown to him by his guardian angel Clarence.

As George explores a world in which he never existed, he realizes the huge impact he has made upon others. The film prompts viewers to consider how their life has served others, highlighting everyone’s ability to make a difference. There are some intense themes and acting at the beginning of this movie, hence its PG rating.

Take a moment to share the true meaning of the holidays with your children. While they may love the experience of opening gifts, there is a whole world of joy to experience through acts of giving. Now that you have a brief list of movies that will inspire your kids to give back, your whole family can get into the true holiday spirit.

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