Fantastic Outdoor Toys To Buy Your Kids This Year

Fantastic Outdoor Toys To Buy Your Kids This Year

Now that the days are growing longer and the weather is warming up, it’s time to get the kids back outside to play. These are some fantastic outdoor toys to buy your kids this year. We’ve got a good list for you if you’re looking for a few new toys.


The toddler stage is great because you can see your kids growing and developing right before your very eyes. Grab their Duplo bricks and let your toddler enjoy building outside in the grass.

Splish Splash

Water tables are always an excellent option for small kids. They can splash around with toys and get wet without the commitment of a sprinkler or pool. Look for models that have an umbrella for shade from the hot sun.


A sandbox is a toy for kids to adore as they continue growing. Kids love building in the sand as much as they enjoy playing in the mud. Another fantastic outdoor toy to buy your kids this year is a splash pad. These are sprinklers and play mats all in one. They’re great for young kids and big kids alike!

Sports Lover

What backyard isn’t complete without a T-ball set? Many of us remember these from our childhood, and they make a great toy for any family.

Time for Bike Riding

Around this time, kids are ready to start riding a bike. Two great ideas for bike riders are a regular bike with training wheels or a balance bike. If you’re not familiar with a balance bike, it’s a bike with no pedals that helps teach kids how to balance themselves.

Elementary-Aged Kids

Around this time, children are beginning to find their passions. Whether the love of dinosaurs, cars, drawing, or animals has followed them from their toddler years, show your children you’re paying attention and find outdoor toys that they love.

There are so many sprinklers available in different shapes. If your child isn’t a fan of water, search for a kite with their favorite cartoon character. Find stencils to use with sidewalk chalk for your kid who loves to doodle.

Other Toys To Try

Is your kid a massive fan of motorized vehicles? Invest in a ride-on four-wheeler for them to enjoy riding up and down the street. If your family is a game-night family, try your hand at oversized Jenga for the backyard.

Outdoor play has so many fantastic benefits for your children’s development. Any of these fantastic outdoor toys will keep your kids busy for hours. Enjoy watching your kids grow and learn as they explore the great outdoors!

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