DIY Home Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Your home’s styling can get bland after a while when you leave it unchanged. This effect might be even more pronounced if the majority of the items you have are generically designed. You don’t need to purchase a completely new set of furniture or decorative pieces, though. If you’re feeling creative, try these DIY home decorations you can make yourself.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Freestanding shelves are useful for holding books, dishes, and miscellaneous items as well. However, they can be a bit bulky. Instead, create a refreshingly open look in your living room or save space in the kids’ bedrooms with wall-mounted shelves. You can get plain rectangular pieces of wood and nail or screw them into the wall for a simple means of storing and displaying belongings. Make them unique by painting the shelves in a color that fits well in the room and spacing them out in eye-catching arrangements on the wall.

Herb Garden

Plants bring an organic element into a home mostly dominated by nonliving things. Therefore, a DIY home decoration you can make yourself that can lift up the atmosphere in a room is an herb garden. You can gather small mason jars or pots and fill them with stones and soil to make a cute and interesting addition to your home. Pick out an empty spot that gets a lot of sunlight and arrange the containers you’ve chosen for your herbs in any way you want, whether that be a line or a cluster. Since you choose the plants, what holds them, and how they’re positioned, your herb garden will have a personal touch.


Curtains play a part in shading your home’s various rooms and giving them some personality. The same room can feel quite different depending on the texture, weight, color, and pattern of the curtains you place there. Rather than rely on premade curtains, you can craft your own by cutting and sewing designer fabrics to get the precise length and width you want for your windows. You’ll end up with flowing drapes that perfectly complement the other decorations in the room and set the desired tone there, whether you’re going for bright airiness or indulgent elegance.

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