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Ways To Modify Your Home To Be More Accessible

Ways To Modify Your Home To Be More Accessible

As a parent of a child with physical limitations, modifying your home to fit your child’s needs can be overwhelming. Depending on your child’s particular condition and health, specific aspects and features of your everyday home are simply no longer safe. Adding new installations and modifying different areas of your house to be more accessible can help your child stay independent.

Ahead, we share a few effective ways to modify your home to be more accessible. Read on to learn more.

Widen Your Doorways

Many parents forget to extend their home’s doorways. Since most parents focus on obtaining home mobility aids and equipment, doorway renovations often become an afterthought. Here’s why you must remember this modification.

Most mobility equipment requires larger doorframes to pass through. The size of the equipment will vary depending on the type and your child’s age. For your child to move throughout your house comfortably and safely, you’ll need to add more space to your home’s entrances.

Include Ramps and Stairlifts

The best way to modify your home to be more accessible for your child is to include more ramps and stairlifts in your house. For a child with physical limitations, quality of life and independence are two major priorities that parents should keep at the forefront of their decision-making. Ramps and stairlifts are two modifications that can help with this

When you install a stairlift into your home, it gives your child more access to travel throughout your house. Your child will feel more independent using this mobility aid and they’ll also be more confident living in an accessible home.

Add Handrails

Handrails can also help make your home more accessible for your child. When you add handrails to each room of your house, it serves as an extra safety precaution for your child. For example, bathroom handrails can help keep your child steady while bathing and avoid any dangerous slipping.

This small detail can go a long way toward improving your child’s confidence and comfort at home.

While making modifications to your home can be nerve-wracking, these installations will be crucial for giving your child the care and attention they deserve. Review these suggestions and consider including these accessible features in your home.

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