3 Different Fashion Styles Explained

3 Different Fashion Styles Explained

Your sense of style says a lot about you. People who wear suits regularly command attention when they enter a room. Conversely, activewear sends the message that you’re into fitness. The three different fashion styles explained here are great for anyone looking for something a little more fun and unique. Hopefully, one of these trends will catch your attention.


The bohemian style has an expansive history. The fashion style actually originated in France during the 1800s. Essentially, bohemian fashion began with nomadic tribes. Bohemians don’t wear anything too tight. Instead, their wardrobe consists of loose-fitting tops and dresses. Fans of the style are also not afraid of bold patterns or design features. If you’re a free spirit who isn’t fearful of a little fringe, then this the look for you. Also, since bohemian clothes are typically loose, they’re perfect for moms who want to be comfortable.


Who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve stepped into another time? If this idea intrigues you, then you’ll probably fall in love with a vintage wardrobe. The style mimics pieces from the 1940s-1960s. Elegant dresses with hoop skirts are staples of this style. If you’re interested in this trend, keep in mind that hair and makeup are important. Consider throwing your hair in an up-do and painting on a red lip to complete the look. Your friends will definitely think you’ve become a flapper overnight.


There’s nothing wrong with a little edge. You can push the envelope by adding grunge garments to your closet. Plaid shirts and ripped jeans are essential punk pieces any grunge-lover should have. Another excellent reason to consider grunge style is that sneakers are welcome. After all, what mom doesn’t love being comfortable while chasing her kiddos around? It’s also vital to mention that grunge doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can be punk-chic by adding a few grungy pieces to your overall look. Some Rockstar earrings or a metal belt will set your style apart while you’re hanging out with the other moms.

This article has explained three different fashion styles for those struggling to find something that speaks to them. Remember, there are plenty of options out there. As long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you can’t go wrong with whatever fashion style you choose.

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