Summer’s Here! Swimwear Tips For Moms


Swimwear Tips for Moms

Summer is here and the beach is calling! Yay! But…wait. That means we have to put on a swimsuit, right? Ugh!

Is that how you feel when you think about putting on a swimsuit this season? I absolutely love summertime and going to the beach, but I do have to admit that donning a swimsuit and walking around in public is not always my favorite confidence-building activity if I’m not in perfect shape.

Like many women, there are things about my body that I don’t love, and it’s at this time of year that I find myself standing in front of a pile of swimsuits hoping there’s one that will slim, lift, and magically transform my 40-something mommy body into a 20-something rockin’ body. Is that asking too much from a swimsuit? Of course, I know it’s unlikely that my swimsuit will be able to make me feel younger, but we can all dream! One of my friends did tell me that there are ways of increasing your body confidence and making yourself look more youthful and attractive. She told me that I should visit a website like to see some of their services that can increase body confidence. Apparently, a tummy tuck is one of the best ways to get your body into good shape before swimsuit season! That would’ve been good to know before, perhaps I’ll have to look into that before next summer!

For now, I’ll have to hope that my swimwear can do something for my body. I’m pretty sure these are common swimwear woes for most women, so when I recently came across these swimwear tips from Yulia Drummond, Creator & Designer of Voda Swim, I wanted to share her great advice on flattering fits, sensitive spots, and common dos or don’ts.

Voda Swim is known for its ability to shape, slenderize, and boost your bust. Additionally, the fabric is engineered for low water absorption, so your suit stays fitted and won’t sag – especially if you’re chasing a young one around the beach!

Yulia’s Swimwear Tips For Moms

1. DO OR DON’T: Get a new suit every year?
I think it all comes down to each woman’s budget and how often you use your swimsuit. I like to get several new swimsuits each year because I like to freshen up my collection with new colors of the season and I wear my swimsuits all the time. It just makes me feel great when I get to wear a brand new bathing suit. Plus, a new suit helps to get you excited to put it on and show it off at the beach rather than dread it!

2. BEST ADVICE: For mom or women moving into their 40s+
First, I would recommend shopping for swimsuits online. The great thing about shopping online is you can try on the swimwear in the comfort of your own home. This can make all the difference – you’re not afraid to step out of the dressing room to get a better look in the mirror, or check out what your derriere looks like when you’re in your bedroom! The other great thing is that you can find a lot more variety online, giving you a better chance to find the right bikini for your body type without getting too frustrated.

Also, make sure to shop at websites that offer free shipping and free returns. This allows you to purchase a wide variety of styles and lets you find the one that is perfect for you. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting the right swimsuit for your body. It will make you feel great, and look great too!

3. FLATTERING FITS: Bigger tummy, bigger butt, ample bust…

  • Curvy: Steer clear of large, vibrant prints and stick with shirred bottoms or a tankini style top to tuck in all the right areas, leaving you feeling sexy in the sun. If you have a large bust, wide halter tops will help hold your girls in place and still show them off. I would go with an Envy Push Up Shirred Tankini & Adjustable Scoop or an Envy Push Up Crisscross Top & Side Tie Hipster Bottom.
  • Athletic: Accentuate your perfectly toned body with a ruffle bikini to create an hourglass shape. If you’re lacking in the chest department, try Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up top that boosts your bust 1-2 cup sizes. The Envy Push Up Ruffle Bikini is the way to go to create an hourglass shape.


  • Small Booty: Create the illusion of a scrumptious toosh with ruffles or scrunching on the back of the bottom. If you’re feeling risqué, go for the Brazilian style suit. This will show off more booty which will create a bigger looking butt. Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up Wavy String Bikini pairs up with a bikini bottom with a full scrunch to create the illusion of a bigger booty and comes in classic or Brazilian cut.
  • Long Torso: A cut- out monokini is a perfect solution to break up a long torso. While most women stray from stripes, women with long torsos should give them a go to add visual appeal. Go for an Envy Push Up Monokini or Voda Swim’s String or Double String bikini in Sunrise print.


  • Small Busted: Ruffles and other accentuating details and don’t be afraid of bright colors. Contrary to popular belief I recommend to stay away from bandeau tops as these tend to flatten the chest rather than enhance it. Stick to triangle shape tops that draw the eyes towards your cleavage. And of course a little push up will always help. The classic Envy Push Up String Bikini will do the trick of creating an illusion of a bigger bust and the Ruffle bikini for the Athletic type works wonders as well.
  • Full Busted: Support is the key and a little lift never hurts to create some amazing looking cleavage. Stick to halter style suits that provide more coverage and support at the same time. Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up Crisscross Top will help hold your girls in place. The crisscross top goes up to a DD cup and the wide underbust band and criss-cross on the back provide great support while helping to get some weight off your neck.
  • Full Bottom: Why hide it? Flaunt it! Trying to hide a Fuller Bottom only draws more attention and not the good kind. Instead, wear bottoms that accentuate your hips such as tie side bottoms. Try Side Tie Hipster Bottoms or if you must cover up, get an Adjustable Scoop bottom. These bottoms will show off the legs with the help of side ties but will still cover all the right areas.

Kenya-Halter-Back Seafoam-Crisscross-Back

  • Bigger Tummy: For a bigger tummy I would recommend a one piece or tankini with built-in tummy control and shirring on the waist. The shirring will disguise problem areas and tummy control will tighten your stomach.

4. DO OR DON’T: Can you wear a two-piece after kids, or when you’re 40+?
Absolutely, age is only a number. Recently, my Mother-in-law turned 60 and was rocking a two-piece on her vacation in Hawaii. If you feel good in your suit, you will look good in it…no matter your age. If you want to wear a swimsuit with a thong bikini bottom – go ahead! As long as you feel comfortable and confident in your swimwear, wear whatever you like!

5. SENSITIVE SPOT: Arms…and how to draw attention away from them.
I would wear a suit with a solid color on top and a pattern on the bottom; it will draw eyes away from your arms and chest.

6. CHOICES, CHOICES: Slimming colors and patterns.
It all depends on complexion and personal preference. Even though black is always considered a slim choice, great colors like indigo, mulberry and charcoal have been the hot trending colors and offer a similar effect. I love stripes and dots in my clothes wardrobe and I think they are fantastic in a swimsuit selection as well.

7. SENSITIVE SPOT: Thighs…and how to draw attention away from them.
Many women are very critical of their bodies when they shouldn’t be. I like doing lots of squats and lunges, they’re easy to do even at home if you have 10 minutes, and work wonders to tighten up your thighs and butt. If you’re sensitive about your thighs, I would recommend an adjustable swimwear skirt or a cover-up skirt to go over your existing suit. I would also recommend accentuating other areas of your body, such as your bust. Bring those eyes up to your chest with a pushup top and a fun, bright print.


8. BEST ADVICE: Buying a cover-up.
I am all about functionality, so I like buying a cover-up that matches many of my swimsuits and can be worn at the beach, but also a casual restaurant (either with or without shorts).

9. YULIA RECOMMENDS: Her favorite swimsuit.
I absolutely love Voda Swim’s Natural Stone collection. Each year we come up with suits that have 14K gold plating hardware and natural stones. This year my hot swimsuit of choice is the Envy Push Up Natural Clear Opal swimsuit in the Caribbean. The Caribbean color is absolutely beautiful and will work with any skin tone and the clear opal is a subtle yet stylish accent.


Do you have a favorite style swimsuit? What type of suit makes you feel beautiful and confident?

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