5 Ways to Get Your Kids involved in the Environment

Five Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in the Environment

5 Ways to Get Your Kids involved in the Environment

Plant the Seeds for a Green Future!

Kids are never too young to learn about ways they can help with the taking care of the earth and being eco-friendly. It starts as something small and something they can do to help out with, just like chores. And as they grow, you can have them help out in the garden and teach them about importance of Earth Day and how they can make a difference in their world. It may just be their small part of the world, or even a corner in the back yard but nurturing their love for the earth will pay off for years to come. And let’s face it – they’re going to get dirty anyhow!

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is good therapy and has so many benefits. Not only does it help your kid learn where their food comes from, but it also gives them something fun to watch grow and learn how plants go from seed to full grown. You don’t have to start the plants yourself, you can have them pick out their favorite variety of tomato at a greenhouse or what type of pepper they want to grow. From learning how to plant a vegetable or their favorite flower, to harvesting fresh vegetables when they are ready – you’re going to nurture their love of nature.

Don’t have a greenhouse near you or want to start your own seeds? We love making our own mini-greenhouse with storage totes we have in the house already.

Toss Seed Bombs!

A few years ago we found these things called seed bombs, or seed balls. You can get them from a variety of stores or even online. They’re around ball that is packed with a compostable material and loaded with wildflower seeds. All you have to do is toss them in an area where you want the flowers to grow. The balls explode, and seeds get randomly scattered where the balls hit.

Besides beautiful flowers, you’re helping pollinators in the area by providing them more food sources!

Plant a Tree

If you already have a tree in your backyard then you know how easy it is to take care of. Just find a company that can do a tree service denton and that’s pretty much it! But not only are trees a nice statement piece in your yard, but they are also a great way to get your kids passionate about nature. Do you have a place in your yard you can have your little one plant a tree? It not only can provide a new area of shade in your yard but you can even get a tree the same height as your little one and have them see how fast they grow compared to the tree. It’s a fun way to give back to the earth and teach your kids about nature as well.

Are you looking for the perfect native tree for your area? Here’s a great resource!

Start a Compost Pile

Recycling isn’t the only way to go green! Did you know that 24% of your trash is organic and something you can throw into a compost pile. Create a bin, or buy one, and mix it up every so often. You’ll have a nice fertile soil for your gardens for free, plus reduce the amount of trash you’re throwing away each week. You can get a small countertop bin to use and transfer it out in compostable bags weekly. It’s a lot easier than you think to get started!

Learn more about Composting!

Add Milkweed To Your Garden

Kids love catching and watching bugs. But teaching them early that several insects need us to help them is essential too. Growing up we used to see Monarch Butterflies everywhere, and now it’s a lot rarer. Part of that is because we treat our lawns and the reduced amount of food we have provided for them. So why not plant some milkweed in your yard? Not only will it help the butterflies in the area, but you may be able to find their eggs and raise some for the kids to watch! From seed to adult, Monarchs rely on Milkweeds to live, and we need to make sure they have some more for them to enjoy!

Find a variety of Milkweed seeds for your garden and help your local Monarchs!

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