Green Treats for St Patrick's Day

Five Magical Green Treats for Your St Patrick’s Day Party

Green Treats for St Patrick's Day

You won’t Need Luck with These Delicious Green Treats

Have you ever noticed that St Patrick’s Day seems to come and go without too much of a celebration? Ok, there are river’s that are dyed green, and the bar scene is hopping. But besides dressing your kids in all green and sending them off to school, so they don’t get pinched. But the holiday is one that can be a lot of fun. We’re not going to delve into the religious side of the holiday is but St Patrick’s Day is also known as the Feast of St. Patrick – so what is the better way than to make some delicious green snacks and treats that your friends and family will love.

We found some of the best green recipes that you will love, and you still have time to put together before you celebrate with your family. It’s time to make a new tradition for this underrated holiday, and we think this is the perfect way to do it.

Bring the Force to the Holiday with this fun Yoda Hot Cocoa Drinks! 

Yoda Hot Cocoa
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From kids to adults, everyone seems to love Star Wars. And only one thing can be better than Star Wars – hot cocoa! Check out these not only adorable Yoda Hot Cocoa’s but delicious. Mixed with ice cream, whipped cream and sprinkles, and candy eyes. Now, they look a bit more chilled than hot to us, but we’re going to have to whip up this recipe and give it a try ourselves!

Find the recipe for Yoda Hot Cocoa’s Here!

Mint, Brownie, and More Combine in this Delicious Green Trifle

St Patricks Day Brownie Truffle
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I don’t think you can go wrong with a good trifle no matter where you are. The only problem we’ve ever had with them is scooping them out and making it still look pretty. But the mixture of pudding, brownies, cookies, and cream.. there is nothing we don’t love about this layered dessert. Add a little green food coloring and a hint of mint, it’s perfect for your sweet tooth.

Besides looking impressive, your guests are going to start drooling when they see the trifle in your kitchen. No matter how complicated as the trifle seemed, it’s effortless to layer your favorite ingredients together.

Find the Recipe for the Brownie Trifle Here! 

Bring a Tropical Twist with These Key Lime Donuts

Keylime Donuts
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Tropical flavors are ones that we crave this time of year with spring on the horizon. Inspired by the tangy lime flavor and sweet frosting, these donuts will bring you one bite closer to the tropics and warm weather. While they’re not green on the outside, top with a little lime zest or green sprinkles and one bite will bring you closer to the green fruit that brings them their flavor.

Find the recipe for Key Lime Donuts Here

Impress Your Guests with This Fun Green Velvet Cake!

Green Velvet Cake
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Layer cakes are impressive on their own, but a green velvet cake? Everyone will be talking about it! Instead of adding the deep red to the chocolate flavored cake, green will bring a punch of color your guests didn’t expect. Cover it with cream cheese frosting and some crumbs to add some interest. We absolutely love the shamrock on top too! Tip: cut one out of the center of a piece of paper and use it as a guide to make the shape on top of your frosted cake!

Get the Recipe for Green Velvet Cake Here

Kids are going to Love this Grinch Popcorn

Grinch Popcorn
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Kids love sweets no matter what – but sometimes you don’t need the snacks to be super sweet. We love this Grinch inspired popcorn that kids are going to have a hard time putting down. Add some candy hearts and some sprinkles for a fun change in texture and balances the salty with the sweet. Easy to make, super adorable and something that kids of all ages are going to love!

Find the recipe for Grinch Popcorn Here


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