adorable snowman craft

Adorable Snowman Craft – Perfect for a Snow Day

adorable snowman craft

Making a Snowman, the Crafty Way!

There’s always a time when school has have been called off and the children are home all day and parent’t think, what are we going to do today? The kids are excited to be home all day, but you are wondering how in the world you’ll survive without losing your mind. We are here to help.

Before the hard long hard winter sets in, collect the supplies needed for this adorable snowman craft. Store the supplies in a snow day bin and, when the kids are off school for the day, you’ll be all set to keep them busy. To burn off some of that excess energy, be sure to send them outside to build their own snowman and then, once their energy levels are depleted a bit, have them come in and create this adorable snowman craft.

After they are done they can gift to a grandparent, treat a neighbor or even take to a local nursing home to make someone’s day brighter.

snowman craft supplies

Adorable Snowman Craft Materials:

Terracotta pot
White craft paint
Black craft paint
Orange craft paint
Black self-adhesive craft gems
Clear plastic gift bag

Adorable Snowman Craft

Adorable Snowman Craft Instructions:

Adorable Snowman Craft

Start by painting the outside of your pot white with craft paint. You can also paint a bit of the inside white as well if you want to, but it is not necessary.

adorable snowman craft

Once the white paint has dried, place some self-adhesive black craft gems in the shape of a smiling mouth towards the bottom of the pot.

adorable snowman craft

Use orange craft paint to paint on a carrot shaped nose above the mouth that you just created.

adorable snowman craft

Towards the top of the pot, paint on two black eyes.

adorable snowman craft

Once the black eyes have dried, you can paint some small white circles inside them if you like.

adorable snowman craft

Fill a plastic gift bag partially full with mints of your choosing. Tie the top of the bag closed with a ribbon and cut off any excess plastic. Place the back into the painted pot, and gift to a friend or loved one.

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