Dress Up Your Living Room with Style

Decorate Living Room with Style with Detroit Mommies

Let’s Make Sure Your Living Room Has Style

With all the right elements and furnishings in place, your living room can be a fun and trendy place for the family and guests to enjoy.  The question is, “How do we make it that way?”  Ideally we like a clean living room, but certainly not bare and empty looking.  The trick to dressing up your living room is finding patterns and colors that compliment each other and compliment your personal style.

Your furniture choice is also important.  The furniture you choose has to fit in the room. Pieces too large or too big can really affect the overall comfort of the room.  Once you’ve decided on furniture size, next, choose the right accessories. If you bring in a mixture of patterns in different sizes with a wide variety of unexpected colors, the room can look overdone and a bit confusing.

Here are a few things you can do to dress up your living room in style.

  • Antique Lighting – Don’t just choose lighting for the use, choose a light fixture that makes a decor statement as well. The key is to make sure the style of the lamp or chandelier matches the look you are going for and the room is equally lit when needed. It’s always nice to have lighting as an option.
  • Artwork – There’s nothing like a conversation piece in the room for you and your guests to enjoy.  Another great reason artwork is a good idea, is it can really brighten up a monochromatic room when it involves lots of vibrant color, inviting hues and possibly a story to tell.
  • Window Treatments – Designer drapery panels are key or at least ones that look designer-ish.  Sometimes designer panels can put you way over budget, so be sure you shop around before you purchase the winning pair.  Silk blends, and patterns are always a big hit.  Currently, geometric shapes in your favorite colors, florals, geometric patterns in black & white or even solid jewel tones are all quite popular.
  • Accent Pillows– Adding accent pillows to your sofa or accent chair can really warm up your room.  Choose a floral print, stripe or geometric pattern and style will ooze out of your living room! You may even enjoy them on a cozy night by the fire too!
  • Accessories – Don’t be afraid to add accessories such as vases, candles, flowers, vases, books and coffee table books to your room.  The accessories make a room feel lived in and can add a ton of style to the look of the room overall.
  • Rugs – It’s no question a nice rug can warm up the room.   Be sure to add a rug that best fits the overall style of the room.  Also be sure the size is appropriate.  A rug in the middle of the living room that covers the entire beautiful wood floor from wall to wall may not be the best choice.

There you have it. These are fun and easy ways to dress up your living room to make it feel more inviting and more stylish too!  It’s just like fashion, if it’s the right fit and oozes your personal style, then it’s right!


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