Roseberry Lipsense Review

I’ve been dying to share my newest lipstick obsession, Roseberry Lipsense and Lipsense gloss in Glossy. I’m honored to have a glamorous mom and friend in my life who introduced me to Lipsense. Mallory and I recently had a double date with our husbands, and I snagged Roseberry and Glossy Lipsense that very night. And my loves, I’ve used it almost everyday since. We glamorous moms know that taking care of ourselves and looking our best strengthens our souls for the day ahead. Some mornings I have less time than others, and facial makeup is light. Since finding Roseberry, even with pressed for time makeup I still feel glamorous and, yes, maybe even a little movie star-esque. It’s that good, and it is the little “pop” in color that I was craving.

Roseberry Lipsense Summer 2017
LipSense is created by SeneGence, is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off or rub-off and available in over 50 shades. I love the Lipsense packaging, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, with shiny gold stripes and cap, it’s a functional size for your makeup bag or pocket. My friend Mallory included the cutest little directions card, super simple and easy to follow. Armed with exfoliated and moisturizer prepped lips, I was READY! I applied the color in side to side motion on my bottom lip, then repeated on my top. I did a 2nd coat, paying special attention to the inner corners and outer lines of my lips. I let my lips dry, used a few fanning motions with my hands, about 10-20 seconds. I enjoy the refreshing coolness as it dries. Next I applied the Lipsense gloss, Glossy and was full of joy to see it was a thick, stay put texture. I used it also in a back and forth motion, on the lip line and inner corners. Color me impressed, and I got even better at applying it faster and prettier after just a few applications. It’s become an uplifting part of my day, knowing that even if I’ve not had my desired makeup time, I look confident and radiate a little self-love!  Take a tour, shop and purchase Lipsense here! 

What is your favorite lipstick or gloss for summer? I’d love to hear from you. Hop on over to your mirror, leave a little kiss mark to remind yourself that you are loved exactly the way you are, in THIS moment. Xo!








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Nicole Pazzi

Nicole Pazzi is a mommy of two beautiful boys, a wife and a digital marketing expert that has a love for beauty, fashion and motherhood. Nicole was born in Michigan and earned her Bachelor of Science in Merchandising/Marketing with the Kappa Omicron Nu Honors Society from Western Michigan University. When Nicole isn’t attending PTA meetings, or spending time with family, she ties her advertising skills and her experiences as a local consumer into one dynamic package for her communities. A working mom is what she is, and an inspiration to us all by learning to juggle mommy-hood and an amazing career.

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