Seven Easy Makeup Steps for Moms on the Go


As moms, we are always spending our time taking care of others. We feed, we soothe, we love, we clean, and we are continuously looking for that matching sock (where the heck do they go anyway?).  Oh and getting everyone ready for an outing or an event can be challenging too!  What we need to do is always give ourselves time to get ready for whatever the day is about to offer.  Why should your little princess have the prettiest dress with a matching hair bow and shiny shoes that go clickety-click and you’re looking like something the cat dragged in? No ma’am, that’s not the lifestyle for you!  Take the time to get ready yourself and make yourself feel good about where you’re going, even if it’s to the park or a playdate!  You’ll feel better and your day will be a tad brighter, trust me! 

When getting ready to go out (even to the grocery store), be sure to put a nice outfit together and be sure to put on a little makeup, for yourself.  Don’t have time you say? Nonsense.  These simple steps aren’t too glam but great enough to give it a try. I know it sounds funny, after all the hardships we are forced to conquer in our lives, is make up really that helpful or important? Well I believe it is, for myself and for others. Adding make up can give us a little push of self confidence so we aren’t worried about how we look all day or how others are seeing us.

I don’t recommend wearing a full-blown evening look from day-to-day, but adding a few quick habits to your daily routine will make you feel better and ready to charge through the day with the kiddos.

Follow these seven easy steps in the morning, before you start your day. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll find them to be quick and effortless!

  1. Start with concealer. Apply on lids, under the eye, the creases of your nose around your nostrils, along lip line and apply one light strip down the center of your nose.
  2. Add a skin tone shadow on lid
  3. Add a light coat of mascara
  4. Dust loose powder around face
  5. Apply blush by brushing upward from the apple of your cheek towards your temple
  6. Gently add a highlight on top of your cheek bones (slight blend on top of blush), at the heart of your upper lip, and under brow bones.
  7. Finish by applying your favorite long-lasting lip color to your lips.


There you go. Just seven easy steps to help you look and feel beautiful! Are you a fan of wearing makeup? Tell us in the comments below, what are your favorite go-to products?  


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Shannon Lazovski

Owner & Senior Editor of Detroit Mommies, Shannon has 20 years of experience in the digital marketing space specializing in the subjects of fashion, beauty, travel & parenting. She obtained Detroit Mommies in 2017 and has been perfecting its digital footprint and sharing her reviews, parenting advice, and offering local Michigan event announcements ever since. Shannon is also the Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor of and is known for her original fashion, beauty & travel blog, Glamorous Moms now As a writer, Shannon is known for her service & product reviews, travel reviews, fashion & beauty trends, and styling advice for women and moms on the go. She is currently the President & Founder of the Glamorous Moms Foundation, the CEO of the beauty brand Glameselle, and has been awarded the Elite 40 under 40 award and featured on numerous print and television media outlets both locally and nationally.

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