Super Easy Fleece Hat DIY

Super Easy Fleece Hat – DIY

Super Easy Fleece Hat DIY


This is a super easy tutorial for making a cozy, fuzzy fleece hat – perfect for fighting off the chill of winter.  It requires only one seam and less than a ½ yard of fabric.  It’s a perfect project for a beginner because it’s easy, inexpensive and the fabric choices are endless this time of year. 

Easy Fleece Hat Supplies

You will need:

½ yard fleece fabric (usually this will be enough to make two hats)

Measuring tape



Sewing machine


  • Cut a rectangular piece of the fleece 16 inches wide by 21 inches long – cut it so it stretches the long way.  This will be the way it goes around your head.   You may end up having to make more or less than 21 inches depending on head size.  My son is 6 and this fits him well.Easy Fleece Hat DIY
  • Fold the piece in half with the right sides together. NOTE: sometimes it’s hard to tell which is the right or wrong side, if it’s hard to tell don’t worry about it – no one else will be able to tell either.  
  • Pin the sides together – leaving about 3 inches open at each end (see below).
  • Stitch the sides ( the short sides – approximately 16 inches ) together starting about 3 ½ inches from the top edge and stopping about 2 ½ inches from the bottom.    Both the top and the bottom will look unfinished at this point (this will become the fringe and the bottom band).
  • Easy Fleece Hat DIY
  • Turn the hat (tube) right side out.  Finish the seam on one end of the hat – this will be the bottom and will have a more finished look when you turn the band up.
  • Easy Fleece Hat DIY
  • Make the fringe – on the other end that is not sewn all the way – take scissors and cut strips down into the fabric to make the fringe.  You can make the fringe however wide you want it – I usually do about ¼ – ½ inches.  Do this all along the top edge.
  • Easy Fleece Hat DIY
  • Cut a strip of fabric from the scraps – about 4-5 inches long and ¼ inch wide.  Gather the fringe end of the hat and tie it tightly where the fringe meets the hat.
  • Easy Fleece Hat DIY
  • Turn up the bottom band and YOU HAVE A WARM, FUZZY, CUTE HAT!
  • Easy Fleece Hat DIY


Cute Fleece Hat DIY

Fleece Hat DIY

Now that you have one down – I bet you could really crank them out for all your friends.

Fleece Hat DIY




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