Back-To–School Immunizations

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The summer days are starting to dwindle and the beginning of school is just around the corner.  While we have had a great summer so far, it seems like it went by way too fast.  We recently enjoyed a nice long weekend on Lake Huron, but we still need to squeeze in some more fun before summer runs out!  In the mean time, most of us with school aged children will be trying to check items off our back-to-school check-list (haircuts, backpacks, new clothes and supplies).  One of those essential “to-do” items is to make sure your kids are up to date on required vaccines.  I received an email from my son’s school a few weeks ago outlining exactly what vaccines are required or suggested.  

 Walgreen’s has a wonderful campaign called Get a Shot, Give a Shot®.  For every child that gets immunized, Walgreen’s will provide a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the United Nation Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign.  It’s quick and easy (no appointment required). Walgreen’s accept most insurance plans and the Pharmacist will report back to your primary care physician so that your records are nice and organized. This program is aimed at children 7 years old and up.

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I have to say that taking my son in for vaccinations and annual flu shots is not my favorite thing to do. However, now that my son is tenit doesn’t seem to be such a big deal.  I usually tell him that he can pick out a pack of Pokemon Cards or I treat him to an ice cream cone afterwards.   I never tell him in advance where we are going – it only gives him more time to worry about it.  I find that if I downplay it then it isn’t such a big deal. He understands that while it may sting for a second or two — it’s much better than getting sick!   He’s lucky, this year he only needs a flu shot.  Even though he didn’t need an immunization, he said he would get one if another kid that didn’t have access to one could benefit.


 The day we stopped in, we also checked out the Back-To-School supply aisle (another thing I can check off my to-do list).  By far the favorite item for school supplies was the Zipit Pencil Pouch – it was made out zippers and looked like it had braces!

Walgreens-Back-To-School-Supplies #GiveAShot

While most kids won’t admit it,  I think they look forward to going back to school and all the fun that comes with it;  seeing old friends and favorite teachers.  Getting back to a routine isn’t all that bad. Just the other day my son said he was excited for school to start, but he quickly changed his mind and said that he really only wanted to find out which teacher he has. 

Enjoy the rest of summer.



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